Green tech-a pledge to save the future!

With the inexplicable depletion of natural resources and a growing hunger for energy-efficient and protection of the same, there is a widespread call of nature to get our minds together in working for a common cause called as  Green Technology.
So what is green technology?
The modern day doesn’t have to rack its brains to understand this concept. It’s a forgotten and a neglected thought in the back of our heads.
Putting it simply,Technology interspersed with energy efficient innovations that encourage environmental friendly solutions to curb the irrational wastage of energy is Green technology.


So why don’t we focus on this and act towards its growth!
Here are some ways.Take a look:
1) Environmental concern:
We need to have a self-instincted motive to preserve energy and environment. Without this, I tell you it ain’t gonna happen.
2) Innovation: The industries have already pledged to pursue in this direction, for a common cause . Various measures have been taken in changing the manufacturing techniques for the production of reusable products. Here again we deal with the 3 R’s  .Reduce.Reuse.Recycle. By following this 3 word mantra , I can assure you that we will already be taking a secret vow for the protection of the future generation.
3) Green buildings and Green Chemistry:
The engineers nowadays try to inculcate efficient methods in the construction and the type of materials used and we have a number of green buildings coming up.
Green chemistry is another massive giant that has to curb the generation of hazardous substances to the gullible environment.
So, all I can say is that the environment lies under the control of us, humans. The decision is solely ours. Why don’t we contemplate over this for a while and rise together to protect , preserve and revive our mother earth!