The lonely old Birch


•Sweet little frail dew drops
Sought shelter on the velvety moss
Of the winsome old Birch;
When the sun streamed in
They united as one
And took flight gracefully
Into the oblivion of none.

•The fearful lovebirds
Played in amatory desire
On the idyllic old Birch;
When the wind blew fierce
They spread their wings
Embracing each other
And absconded in mayhem.

•Arms entwined they sat
On the Cupid’s daft ordinance
Under the mushy old Birch;
When the stars shone bright
The twosome waltzed
In pearly moonlight;
Holding hands in young fervor,
they retraced back home.

•Now, the lamentations commence
Twigs, branches- all in unison;
For the lonely old Birch
Reposes in the tranquility of the twilight;
With a swift abrupt motion
The night owl approaches
And hoots in grandeur
‘ Aye, old bloke ! Cheer up already,
Now that I’m here! ‘


An empty war!

Dark and empty, slithering  shadows;

Follow me around like forgotten foes;

But I’m fighting this voracious war;

‘N’ the way jus’ got narrower and reeks of victory more!