We don’t care, do we?


A message from Sally

Ever had those days when you sulked for practically no fault of yours?
Or maybe, just maybe ,because somebody bad-mouthes you which you absolutely dislike or probably debases you altogether,no matter who or what you are!
But, whom do we care? Nobody really. Well, that’s what we say to ourselves when we have that little pep-talk in our head.
Well, let me tell you this, you weren’t put on this earth to please anybody! So why do we care then ?
Oh, I think it’s this ‘self esteem’ that comes into the scenario.
No, not really.
Why we bother is because we are so sensitive and restricted to a bubble-world that we fail to take other’s advice as a positive momentum to drive us ahead.
OK. So you say it’s not the positive feedback that you receive but instead people speak ill or equally disappointing issues about you that not only leave you flustered but also make you come tumbling down.
So tell me, do you give yourself the inexplicable right to disappoint yourself ? If yes, then poor you!!
You better go , get a life. It’s fairly clear that you live a life trying desperately to please others!
That’s just hysterical.
Here’s the deal. Go get a life and let others take a hike. As simple as it sounds. Really.
After all, you are the author of your life and nothing else for that matter should ever concern you or lower your integrity.
Have a good day ! 🙂


The dance of innocence!

  It’s amazing how the innocence of love sails vehemently in one’s eyes.
Here’s how I have put this sublime feeling in an austere expression.


           I saw it all that day,

                In your eyes.

            The wild innocence,

            dancing gracefully

            to a virtual rhythm,

             difficult to fathom

                And perceive ,

          what your eyes spoke.

           Screaming my name,

           Screaming within me

           And  I’m left fighting

           this mental dispute

              I hope you read,

            the answer, that day.

          Whatever you may say,

            It’s this inner longing

            that I can’t contain

            within me anymore

                 I give up

             Because I’m lost,

         In the enthralling dance

         That your eyes display!