The most beautiful smile


“Sugar, stop right there! You’re not moving , are you? ” I shouted out loud to my five year old daughter as I ran around the house with a bowl of cereals in my hand. She ducked and hid beneath the cot and replied in between giggles,” I’m not coming daddy! ”
Balancing the bowl singlehandedly like a gymnast , I squatted on the floor beside the cot and held out my hand inviting her to hold it.
She giggled again and stuck her tongue out.
” okay, I swear. No cereal today. Come out honey” I chimed one on one with her giggles.
” Promise? I want ice cream”. Giggles again.
” Sure thing. Now come on out” I said , vehemently.
“Okay daddy ” she said overtly emphasizing her reply.
She sat at the coffee table with her hands tightly bound across her chest.
Her cute little face radiating innocence that left me mesmerized. Her teeth peeking through her tiny lips. So beautiful she was.
I placed the bowl of cereals on the table and went in to get some ice cream for my daughter.
35 years later.

She sat beside my bed, gazing at the flowers placed on the table nearby.
“Why daddy, why do you have to go? ” she said , still staring blankly in dismay.
” That’s the way of life , honey”
I took my pale wrinkled hand and placed on hers.
I saw a dainty tear fall from her eyes.
” you’ve got a whole like ahead of you. Don’t be worried about me wherever I go, I’ll be okay, Lily….” I said with a faltering tone.
I had been suffering enough in silence. I blinked away tears.
I heard footsteps outside and the door opened revealing Matt, her husband and her little six year old child.
I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision. The little child dodged closer to me and gave me the sweetest familiar innocent smile.
She sat next to Lily and held my gaze.
I believe that was the most beautiful smile that I ever saw.



The dance of innocence!

  It’s amazing how the innocence of love sails vehemently in one’s eyes.
Here’s how I have put this sublime feeling in an austere expression.


           I saw it all that day,

                In your eyes.

            The wild innocence,

            dancing gracefully

            to a virtual rhythm,

             difficult to fathom

                And perceive ,

          what your eyes spoke.

           Screaming my name,

           Screaming within me

           And  I’m left fighting

           this mental dispute

              I hope you read,

            the answer, that day.

          Whatever you may say,

            It’s this inner longing

            that I can’t contain

            within me anymore

                 I give up

             Because I’m lost,

         In the enthralling dance

         That your eyes display!