The ballerina


Twenty monotonous years
And my heart still skips a beat
When I hear soulful music;
My body yearns to stretch
And glide–on the kitchen floor
Until I’m standing on my toes
And the muscles in my feet convulse
I can’t do it anymore…

Reminiscences of my youth
Spring up in my head.
I used to twirl and curl
Like the music notes that curve
Gracefully on the stave.
-leaping through the air
And defying the earthly gravity.
I was a blooming,slender water lily
That would lithely wilt in the afternoon blaze.

I’m fifty five now. My skin has wrinkled
And my hips no longer
Would settle for something
So inadequate as a Tutu.
I groan when I stretch
Not proud of my Achillean heels either.

I awkwardly snort in nostalgia
My eyes brimming like a child
Whose toy was snatched away.
I move swiftly towards my wardrobe
And pull out my ballet shoes
They are discoloured and worn out;
My feet have not grown since then
So they fit in perfectly.
I hum a familiar piece of cajoling music
And gracefully pirouette into the air…


The dance of innocence!

  It’s amazing how the innocence of love sails vehemently in one’s eyes.
Here’s how I have put this sublime feeling in an austere expression.


           I saw it all that day,

                In your eyes.

            The wild innocence,

            dancing gracefully

            to a virtual rhythm,

             difficult to fathom

                And perceive ,

          what your eyes spoke.

           Screaming my name,

           Screaming within me

           And  I’m left fighting

           this mental dispute

              I hope you read,

            the answer, that day.

          Whatever you may say,

            It’s this inner longing

            that I can’t contain

            within me anymore

                 I give up

             Because I’m lost,

         In the enthralling dance

         That your eyes display!


‘Smells like teen spirit’

Music blared in my ears through the earplugs .The pleasant breeze chimes in ,along with it . A beautiful melody. Scintillating. Sheer Bliss.
My foot taps consensually, synchronized with the beats of the song. I’m sitting in a bus that takes me to college .
People around me all in a trance , listening , I presume,to the popular ‘grunge’ songs (which I personally dislike).
Headphones, earplugs, iPods etc all dangling from their necks and hands .The foot-tap in sync with the beats.Reminds me of the  american rock band, Nirvana’s- Smells like teen spirit! The atmosphere smells, feels and resonates the teen spirit.


There is something I like about music.It’s got this eccentric way of transporting us to a different planet.
I scroll aimlessly through the songs in my phone and stop at one of my personal favourites- Bryan Adam’s Cloud Number 9.
It gets me enthralled and I feel lost in the rhythm.
As I turn the volume high, I am unanimously transferred to a different place in my mind.
The wind gushes generously through the windows suppressing the sound through the earplugs,but my mind continues the song for me anyway, a consequence of listening to the song like a zillion times.


Then it’s like a time machine. One moment I am here and then poof! Back to  my mid-teens when music was like my heart and soul.
It’s amazing what music can do to a person. Back then , I was  so hooked  to music that I preferred  spending all of my leisure , listening to various genres of music.Try what amuses me and what doesn’t . Exchange songs with people , succumb myself to a world that was built on music alone, dance inwardly to the rhythm. It drove my worries , dilemmas away ,at least ,momentarily. That’s what I was looking for. I was engulfed by an invisible world that never really did exist.


I was so overwhelmed with the difficult and cranky situations of my  personal life , desperately grappling to reach the surface of reality  but I had seemed to have lost the way .
Moreover,  I had  chosen music to be my rescue from the chaos of life.
Long time since then…
Life can turn so mundane at times that even a faint harbinger that points out to the beacon of light, can get you grooving.
Yet, here I am now ,all smiles and contented. Worries gone .Loving life and actually living it.
So, the message I have learnt is.. you just need to turn the volume high, in the music-stereo of  life and set aside your hindrances and gently drift in tune with the rhythm  and it will definitely bring alive the teen spirit in you ,again!
Keep grooving..cheers! 🙂