Am I heard?

The noisy clatter that cocoons us in a busy life ,can sometimes, silence our thoughts and words.
It would be only wise to speak OUT , lest we become victims of this cacophony that would  unfortunately leave us, unheard.


           The perturbing buzz

    Of the surrounding cacophony

           And I feel engulfed.

         The unending jabber,

         Of the countless folks

            Walking past me,

        the aggravating noise

           Of the transport,

          and I feel deafened.

           The little tantrum,

       Of the untimely worries,

          arousing in my head;

              They mute me.

     The unanswered murmurs

         Of the swaying trees,

      The intimidating rumble

            Of the thunder,

           The lively gush
          Of the pouring rain,

         The mindless chatter

          Of the gullible birds,

           The unsettling cries

         Of the timid animals,

            and  I’m silenced,

           by all this clamor.

           My breath catches

               In my throat.

               And my voice,

             Ever so shallow.

            I quietly wonder,

               To myself,

             –Am I heard?

                  If only!