The pink syndrome


Whoever has the pink syndrome? Not me, though. A plain accepted or rather a stereotypical thought among the men and some other eccentric women is that pink goes well for any girly equipment. Whether it is a silly frock or any equipment used by women, they always come in pink or shades of pink. This makes me wonder. Am I the only girl who has a strange distaste for the colour pink? Right since my childhood years, I’ve never really understood why pink is supposedly considered to be a girly colour. I don’t comprehend the insane logic behind the same. All my life I’ve considered all colours equal and do not have a strong inclination towards pink.            Yet every single time I’ve shopped, the women’s section has always been pouring with pink dresses , pink accessories and moreover, even any styling equipment turns out to have this nasty colour.
Why don’t they go for blue, green , purple ? Ugh. I’m no fan of the silly Barbie pink .
I remember going to a shop once when I asked for something and the bloke showed me a whole box of pink products and I nearly gasped. Is there really no other colour existing or are they restricted from being used by women? Jeez. I never really can say enough of this.
I’d just wish to say everyone that pink is not a girl’s colour for god’s sake! It’s a just a plain mild shade that perhaps looks good on some women and honestly speaking, stop stereotyping colours.


The mirror of positivity


We always have those times when at home or anywhere else, a mirror hung on the wall grabs our attention like no other.
Whether it’s just a pane of glass on a reflective window or even a teeny weeny piece peeking out from the most extraordinary of places, we stop by and glance. And there are other times, when we gasp at these reflections, wondering how we changed so much overnight.  Well it could also mean that the light effects in the area could have transformed you into a better looking person or unfortunately ugly. So this makes you feel that a mirror is more so an illusion and you never really know when to believe what you are seeing.
I’ve experienced the same when I’ve travelled places. The mirror in my home seems to be awfully obedient showing only my best self and that’s why it turns out to be my favourite. When I encounter my ugly self in the mirror of somebody else’s home, I just stop and gasp . Disoriented  as I feel, I don’t really know which one I’m supposed to believe and which one I shouldn’t. This is how I termed the situation as ‘ The mirror of positivity’. Those are the ones which reflect your best self and infuse you with a great deal of optimism.
Likewise, there are people who could be referred the same way. Some point out your best and persuade you to believe that you are unique and equally wonderful. There are also others who constantly undermine your abilities and point out your not-so-good self. Which is why we need to ascertain what kind of people alleviate our growth and always stay with them. Maybe then we would could focus on our best selves in these mirrors of positivity and embrace a delightful living.

Haiku 6


Grimace alongside

Dirt-caked asphalts.


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