Scooping love

I scoop the love
From the expanse
Of your outstretched arms.
And I take pleasure
In savouring it
Ever so s-l-o-w-l-y

Marionette of your dreams

My arms ache with the weight
Of the emotions
I’ve gathered;
Long years of togetherness
Kiss my feet
With a hushed goodbye.
The fiery scent
Of woody musk you
Stings me over and over
Again; I give up.
You blew neat
Sawdust into my
Irreproachable vision-
Yet, you guffawed, a laugh
So deep and vexatious;
It still pounds in my ears.
The church bells ring;
It’s the time of atonement.
Do you hear?
The garden lilies have
Spoken them all
In one full servile sway,
The words you failed to me.
You spat and tainted my soul
With words of dishonor.
I waited.
You overlooked what brought
You to me in the first place.
I feel dark and tenebrous.
No, those overcast skies
Are no more delightful.
They moan
Like you and I do.
Tonight, when I stand against
The might of the storms-
I shall liberate myself
From the solicitude ,if any,
I have towards you.
Because, until then
I shall continue to be
The marionette of your dreams.


Those times

image That day we first met

Your eyes spoke substantial

And I pranced in their depths

Like another silly butterfly.

I remember the way

Gray patches on the sky

Spoke for us

And gently burst into silvery Droplets

that you called ‘tears’ .

The perfume that I wore

And your searing scent

Still lingers on my mind

And I never cease to turn

Into a foggy mess

Of nostalgia

And then you gazed at me

Feigning emotions after emotions-

When my fingers trembled

With apparent tension

Between just the two of us!

And when I think of the times

We sat together In that very place-

Like we knew each other since years

I’d felt the deceit in your eyes

But I only shrugged it off.

The way your lips twitched

On every mention of your name

Like you hated it

I should have known That it was not the name

But the person who said  it

That made you wince in discomfort.

And I would dismiss my feelings away

Like a shepherd does to his flock of sheep

But in vain-

For they are not dauntless enough to flee;

Likewise, the sentiments that I felt.

And now I breathe hard

and hold back the tears

Whenever I think of those times

I momentarily had thought you to be mine!

copyright © Varina Rasquinha 2015



Of meandering changes-

Wafting soft brevity

Of lilting time

Into the protean whispers of


One that could turn ivy of the

To sunflowers of summer.


Like the dew drops on an early

That succumb to the scalding afternoons

And turn swiftly into oblivion.

Change is for the living.

One that we adore and equally abhor…

Haiku 6


Grimace alongside

Dirt-caked asphalts.

Haiku 5

Lilac flowers

Stay eerily still

On her printed gown.

Haiku 4

Furious summer

Winds deftly sweep

The green pastures.

Rain in my heart

And today it rained-
Impatiently though
Beating and shredding apart
The blades of grass;
Whisking away the last
Speck of dirt;
I think I forgot myself
Somewhere in this mayhem-
when lightening blazed
The distant horizons,
my soul was quietly crushed
By its own weight:
Because today-
It rained in my heart.

And I won !

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Clover-shaped leaves

Tip-toe in hushed footsteps

On green carpets –

Waiting to be camouflaged.

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