Free verse 1

This cold evening,

the dying rains have stirred many silences

muffled fearfully among disciplined hedgerows,

sparkling water lilies, and twisted vines.

Shiny crystals of water inch stealthily on garden scaffolds


paper boats sail on ripple-less waters…



Of meandering changes-

Wafting soft brevity

Of lilting time

Into the protean whispers of


One that could turn ivy of the

To sunflowers of summer.


Like the dew drops on an early

That succumb to the scalding afternoons

And turn swiftly into oblivion.

Change is for the living.

One that we adore and equally abhor…


Save energy!

It’s high time we took grave measures to conserve energy.
Energy conservation

Work towards a healthier environment

It’s high time we joined hands to work together for a healthier environment !!
Check out my article, The Rise of Environmentalists that deals with the same.

Raindrops of togetherness




       Entwined crisp drops

          Race desperately

        Towards the earth.

           Heavy petrichor

         Lingers sensually,

         Encompassing me

              and It feels

           like an eternity

            Of sheer bliss,

         Defying my senses

        that are consensually 


        The  nature quietens

       And responds in sync

       With the sublime pour

           Of bountiful love

          From the grey skies.

      The symphonic melody

        Of the gushing rain,

           Rings in my ears

        With every mystifying


            And brings with it

            An immaculate


         Of unmatched purity.

           Playful puddles

         On the moist earth,

             Brings anew

       a juvenile-excitement.

          An intimate ambience

           Formed amidst this,

           Binds us together

            With ties, afresh.

            The grey clouds

            Speak volumes

             With rumbles

           Of roaring thunder.

             It’s this beauty

              Of the rain

          That nothing can


        Until maybe, forever!



Rain has always been a harbinger of bliss , purity and togetherness. It radiates the essence of the  flawless bond that the skies above share with the earthly greenery below. The two coalesce together incredibly into a bountiful mass of love that unfolds an amazing mystery to humanity.
The nature answers humbly to the beautiful call of rain through it’s sated approval and plays in sync with the rain.
The mystifying, yet chilling, heavy downpour of rain  blended phenomenally with  thunderstorms, keeps us desperately craving  for more!

Am I heard?

The noisy clatter that cocoons us in a busy life ,can sometimes, silence our thoughts and words.
It would be only wise to speak OUT , lest we become victims of this cacophony that would  unfortunately leave us, unheard.


           The perturbing buzz

    Of the surrounding cacophony

           And I feel engulfed.

         The unending jabber,

         Of the countless folks

            Walking past me,

        the aggravating noise

           Of the transport,

          and I feel deafened.

           The little tantrum,

       Of the untimely worries,

          arousing in my head;

              They mute me.

     The unanswered murmurs

         Of the swaying trees,

      The intimidating rumble

            Of the thunder,

           The lively gush
          Of the pouring rain,

         The mindless chatter

          Of the gullible birds,

           The unsettling cries

         Of the timid animals,

            and  I’m silenced,

           by all this clamor.

           My breath catches

               In my throat.

               And my voice,

             Ever so shallow.

            I quietly wonder,

               To myself,

             –Am I heard?

                  If only!

Green tech-a pledge to save the future!

With the inexplicable depletion of natural resources and a growing hunger for energy-efficient and protection of the same, there is a widespread call of nature to get our minds together in working for a common cause called as  Green Technology.
So what is green technology?
The modern day doesn’t have to rack its brains to understand this concept. It’s a forgotten and a neglected thought in the back of our heads.
Putting it simply,Technology interspersed with energy efficient innovations that encourage environmental friendly solutions to curb the irrational wastage of energy is Green technology.


So why don’t we focus on this and act towards its growth!
Here are some ways.Take a look:
1) Environmental concern:
We need to have a self-instincted motive to preserve energy and environment. Without this, I tell you it ain’t gonna happen.
2) Innovation: The industries have already pledged to pursue in this direction, for a common cause . Various measures have been taken in changing the manufacturing techniques for the production of reusable products. Here again we deal with the 3 R’s  .Reduce.Reuse.Recycle. By following this 3 word mantra , I can assure you that we will already be taking a secret vow for the protection of the future generation.
3) Green buildings and Green Chemistry:
The engineers nowadays try to inculcate efficient methods in the construction and the type of materials used and we have a number of green buildings coming up.
Green chemistry is another massive giant that has to curb the generation of hazardous substances to the gullible environment.
So, all I can say is that the environment lies under the control of us, humans. The decision is solely ours. Why don’t we contemplate over this for a while and rise together to protect , preserve and revive our mother earth!