#ShareTheLoad and stop assigning gender roles

Gender prejudices are quite common not just today, but since the age old times when women were domesticated and the men were considered to be the sole breadwinner. Though women have started working and earning for their families, yet, they are still bound to be claimed fit for the domestic role no matter how much of a difficulty it may pose to hold. Whether it’s about keep the home clean, laundry or cooking, everything is considered to be a woman’s job, and men are given the freedom to take charge of nothing but the work that they claim to bring financial stability in homes.

What I don’t understand is how and why women are expected to multi-task responsibilities, when men are given a superior role of taking over the financial aspect. If the society changes its understanding about women, then we can bring equality between the woman and the man in every household. It’s time to bring an end to the long term prejudices and nip them in the bud, so that we can build a better country with gender equality.

Every girl child in India is forced to believe at a very young age that domestic chores are her responsibility and she can no way, shirk them off. She is taught these chores and persuaded to learn how to handle all domestic responsibilities so that she can take care of the household when she’s married off. Why do parents don’t teach the boys so? If these responsibilities are taught both to a boy and a girl, I’m sure we can bring about equality in everyone’s homes both in thoughts as well as in action.
Ariel along with Blogadda have reasoned this out, and found that most mothers are considered to have sole responsibility over the laundry being done at home. If every father helps the mother in doing these chores, then we could surely get rid of inequality starting from one’s household. 76% of the married men believe that not doing the laundry or engaging in domestic chores helps them in setting a good role model for children. Does doing one’s laundry, make him less of a man? This seems ludicrous enough, because by doing so, you’re just teaching children to preserve this foolish tradition of gender roles. It’s up to us to change the mindsets of children and the future generation, so that there wouldn’t be any assignment of gender roles in the future generation, so that we can rid of inequality, and help each other grow equally in every household as well as in society.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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