Stop gender prejudices by sharing the load

From time immemorial, domestic chores are restricted to the women in the household and so are women domesticated in the name of patriarchy. Whether it was years and years ago when our great grandparents followed this as an age old tradition, we in the current days, are still not completely unbound from these foolish traditions which we claim to be ideal for practise. This collective prejudice that has been flowing through generations over the years have tarnished the young minds into following them as a tradition.
Why is household inequality so much prominent in the present times when there have been exemplary personalities like Kalpana Chawla and Kiran Bedi who have explicitly showed how much they are capable of , and it’s not only the household chores that a woman can gain mastery over. Women are subjected to a whole lot of imbalance in society, and the patriarchy that is deep-rooted in people’s minds is strengthened more time and again. Societal inequality starts with household inequality and it’s time we start changing it here and now.
Ariel and Blogadda have together questioned these prejudices by taking a simple example of the work of laundry in one’s home. A girl, right from childhood to womanhood is forced to believe that household chores like doing the laundry is the sole responsibility of the women at home while the men in the home are kept ridiculously detached from these, as if the very idea of doing dirty laundry (most of which would belong to them) would tarnish whatever masculinity they perceive to believe. While kids scream at their parents for not cleaning their school uniform, husbands blame their wives for not scrubbing that shirt collar perfectly. It’s hilarious when we think of how legitimately the world has succumbed to blame a woman for whatever domestic issue.
78% of girls in the country are forced to understand that she would play a crucial domestic role when she grows up. What if we also educated the men in doing the same, after all, a home can only run peacefully and happily, when men and women together help each other in accomplishing their domestic role. No human can be assigned a gender role with a superficial identity that we created over the years. 2 out of every 3 children believe that washing clothes is solely a mother’s job. Who has instilled this understanding in their minds? If only men would contribute as much to the household responsibility, the future children of India would change their perspective of who should do the laundry, who should do the cooking, or who should do just about any other household chore. It’s time we broke these prejudices and helped India be a nation where there is equality between genders.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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