Discover the joy of #RealTogetherness with Kissan

In a digital world, we often lose ourselves in the fancy shackles of technology. Kith and kin are not special to us any more.  We find it extremely hard to break away from the clutches of a digital world where we have transiently found solace. We fail to express emotions, or even the most trivial sentiments.  It’s high time we broke free from these technological constraints and reach out to the ones who need us, the family that yearns for us, the loved ones who long for our company, and every other person on the planet without whom this earth wouldn’t be a nicer place to live in.

We mistake togetherness to countless messages on social media and other messaging apps. The concept of relationships is measured by the number of text messages we type, and the number of likes we shower on somebody’s Facebook or Instagram picture. Where has the real togetherness gone? Why do people now prefer to send a toothy smiley than actually stop by and gift somebody a real smile? Feelings and sentiments are no more natural; they are just a digital reality.

We experience this real togetherness by connecting with not just people , but with nature. It’s this peaceful environment that gives us the ultimate solace. That extra something that we long for. No more can people satisfy people’s needs. In these quick transient technological advancements that we go through on our daily lives, we fail to realise that its nature that provides us with what we missed otherwise.

To bridge the gap of the magic of relationships and togetherness that’s missing these days, Kissanpur comes to celebrate the joy of togetherness with Kissan.  Nature can sure help us do something better. But for that, we need to give back to it, just the way it gave us the gift of a happy sustenance. We might not be able to stop people from falling a prey to the modern digital day, but we sure can encourage everyone to start caring for the nature. If everyone starts growing plants in their own little efforts, we can transform this world. Kissan now supports the planting of seeds, to motivate people to grow more trees and help build Mother Nature like it was. Kissan India supports this cause and also requests people to order seeds and grow tomato saplings, so that they grow into trees, thereby eliminating the fear of having no trees in the future. Nature can always help us do something better. It’s because of this nature we exist on this earth, we receive the oxygen for our survival and the food we eat.  Kissan’s fresh tomato ketchup encourages this concept of growing more trees near our homes. Because, sometimes real togetherness doesn’t only mean staying together with our kith and kin, but extending these relations with nature and sharing real emotions with the real world; Growing more plants, and growing more relationships. Growing love in the days to come…

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