My top 5 favourite novels on

  • The Alchemist: First published in 1988, this book by Paulo Coelho has then been translated into more than 67 languages across the globe. The story revolves around a shepherd called Santiago who has uncanny dreams about a hidden treasure that he desires to find. As the story progresses, there are several indications and manifestation made throughout the book, that persuade him to go pursue his treasure. This story is primarily an allegory about how one needs to follow one’s dreams. How often we get so caught up in mundane and conventional lives, that we are afraid to tread a different path or make an unconventional decision. This book addresses all such decisions and wonderfully propels all the dreams inside us to finally take flight. This book has inspired nations and continues to do the same.
  • If nobody speaks of remarkable things: This book was written by the British writer, John McGregor and published in the year 2002 by the reputed publishers of Bloomsbury. The story is set in England and speaks about the remarkable things that we miss in our day-to-day lives. The chapters are alternatively set in third person omniscient and first person, which further propels the imagination and fascination of the reader. Though the story is quite austere, John McGregor has framed it in an intelligent technique that moves the reader. This book has also won the most prestigious Somerset Maugham Award that is issued by the Society of Authors.   McGregor claims that the book was partly written as an aftermath of the death of Princess Diana and he tries to portray an indifferent feeling lingering in the streets of England were people continue their ordinary lives regardless of what had happened.
  • The Namesake: This book by Jhumpa Lahiri also won the Pulitzer prize. Though it was initially written as a novella , Lahiri later expanded it to full-length form. This story is mainly set in Calcutta, New York and of course, Boston. The book mainly emphasises on the subtle differences between the cultures when it comes to Boston and Calcutta. The story is about a Bengali couple who immigrate to the US, and observe their life change as a consequence. Their son , Gogol who is certainly the main character of the story , falls in love with an American girl and observes how their cultures are so different from the Bengali family. Eventually, he finds a woman of Indian origin with whom he chooses to marry. This story is beautifully moving, and surely extraordinary.
  • The kite runner: This book was the first novel by Khaled Hosseini who is an Afghan-American author. The story speaks about how the people from Pakistan migrated to the US as a consequence of the rise of the Taliban regime. The kite runner is basically a father-son story with also the mention of another boy Hassan who happens to unravel a mystery that is well rooted in history. When Amir, the son finds out the story about Hassan, he is petrified and starts loathing his father for having not told him. This story also has had several adaptations and made into a movie. It continues to receive acclamations from around the globe for Hosseini’s bold articulation of the tumultuous phase of Afghans.
  • Harry Potter series:The most acclaimed book series by JK Rowling has all the drama, adventure and emotions, all sealed together in seven fantasy novels. The seven titles are Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone, Chamber of secrets, Prizoner of Azkaban, Goblet of fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half-blood prince and Deathly Hallows. These books have gained immensely popularity and huge acclaims worldwide.

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