Teaching little kids , the habits of thrift and frugality

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There are a lot of things that we need to teach little children at home so that they do their best in saving money, from a very young age. Often we notice children wanting their parents to spend lavishly in their needs and this becomes a habitual need and they can end up as spoilt brats.

What we must not forget is that by correcting little children would do much good than doing the same when they are older. Habits die hard, don’t they?

Hence, here are a few tips that I would like to give families that have children at home. With the expenses growing day by day, it’s extremely necessary that we teach some frugality to the little children too.

Here’s how you can do it

1) A piggy bank

Everyone as a child enjoyed keeping a piggy bank in their closets and dropping in little amount of money mostly coins that were picked up from around the house. The tiny ‘clink’ sound that it made everytime a coin was dropped was indeed a feeling of accomplishment and delight. We need to teach this habit to little children so that they learn to save money little by little. This could help them develop as responsible individuals. Also, the parents need to be very encouraging so that their children engage in money-saving strategies and also cut down their expenses on games and toys.

So the next time you go to a novelty shop, don’t forget to buy a sweet little piggy bank for your child

2)  Cutting down on video games

The amount of money that parents nowadays spend on video games , PlayStation etc has turned out to be one of the major reasons why parents hesitate to have a child. The growing needs of children is what is challenging and frightening for an adult. Most of the children throw petty tanturms and demand these, just because they find their friends doing the same.This has to stop. Playing video games always can damage the eyesight and also turn them into couch potatoes ,meaning they end up as obese adults. Which is why we need to send them outside so that they play more practical games than virtual ones. Playing real games can make then active, sportive and also better athletic individuals. Moreover, it teaches them to use money judiciously and for the right things.

3) Help the poor and the needy

Children should be necessarily taken to old age homes and orphanages so that they come to know about fellow beings who don’t have homes and people to love. Teach them to be philanthropists and donate and share things with the people who need it the most. That’s when they realise the importance of money and how they can help people with the money they have. This helps them grow up as better responsible adults and philanthropists that the society needs the most.

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