Fashion tips from #RewardMe

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The blogs of provide amazing information that we could consider to make our mundane lifestyles intriguing. Often we tend to get so absorbed in a busy lifestyles, that our tastes for fashion turns insipid. Blogs of Rewardme teach us the perfect ways to chill and feel comfy in outfits when we all thought that formals were the new comforts.

Women especially have different body structures and we need to wear clothes that suit our body shape rather than stick to soemthing that’s mainstream and which looks downright outlandish on us. Women preferably wear outfits just to fit into the crowds rather than something that goes with their personality.

Different body types meaning different styles of outfits.Here’s how #Rewardme teaches me to do it:

1) Women with a rectangular body shape tend to have the same uniformity at the bust and hips. The best way to flaunt your rectangular frame is to choose clothes that are contrasting. Rectangular frames often look good in skinny jeans and are advised to wear tops that are lighter and bottoms that are solid dark colours. Even printed tops with dark bottoms or the vice versa will do okay. They need to absorbed avoid clothes that are baggy and which don’t define their waistline. Belted waists are often appreciated for a rectangular frame.

2) The second body shape that we need to be concerned about is the pear shape. They are the ones who have a comparatively smaller busts and are rounder around the waists. They need to wear clothes that takes one’s attention off the bulgy waist line by adding a decent volume to the upper part of the body. Bright tops and tailored jackets will do great . Also, the blouses that come with shoulder pads fit in perfectly in their wardrobe. They need to avoid wearing clothes that are too skinny and fitted especially tapered jeans and pencil skirts.

3) The third shape is that of an hourglass. They are advised to wear form-fitting clothes that totally cling on to their bodies. A curvy body can be emphasized only with the right choice of clothes. Skinny clothes are the best fit. A wide belt will do the trick . Also, similar prints on the top and bottom will improve your ethereal looks.

4) Inverted triangle clearly indicates that the bust is larger than your hips. This form of body shape has a very poorly defined waist line. Tailored clothes and king cardigans or jackets are the best for these. They should absolutely avoid shirts that are billowy which makes them look overweight and shapeless.

Well rewardme has given me  perfect advice on what I need to avoid and what I need to cling onto. I think I can totally flaunt my rectangular shaped body by skinny solid colour bottoms and lighter topwear. #Rewardme does serve to be my best ally!

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”


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