#HugYourDad today!

A father is the one who held your fingers and taught you how to walk. The one person you turn onto when you have nobody else who would support you. Whether it is your in your childhood, teens or as you grow older, a father always stands by you and helps your grow.

Today on Father’s day we look back to the times our fathers have stood there beside us all throughout and how much our life would have been impossible when they are not by our sides.

Do you remember….

1) As a child when you staggered on your feet and were unable to walk. Your father held you by your fingers and walked you. You then learnt to be independent because he taught you to be.

2) When you watched your neighborhood friends peddling a bicycle and you were a cranky five year old. You father bought a little bike for you and you happily peddled along with your friends.  You only looked back when you were turning around the corner to see your father checking you if you were okay and you flashed a smile that expressed your gratitude.

3) when you were in your teens and you wanted money to go on a excursion with your friends. You looked up to your father and that’s when he let you go and you were delighted and equally grateful.

4) when you were no more a teenager and your birthday was approaching, and you were excited about what gifts you would receive. Your father never forgot to gift you and even if he didn’t, you were sure that there was no gift superior to your father

5) when you were overworked and struggling to balance your personal and professional lives, when you were sitting up late to complete a pile of work that was stacked up on your desk, you felt that you couldn’t meet the deadlines, that’s when he came up to you with a bug of coffee just to check that you’re okay. Now, when you think of that, you can’t help but smile with gratitude.

Life is not just beer and skittles. You’ve got ups and downs. But we are glad we’ve had our fathers to be by our sides.  Today on Father’s day, we need to silently thank god for giving us a gift in the form of our father. The best gift that we can give him is a hug!

Vicks in association with Blogadda makes us reminisce every one of those incidents we had to show our gratitude!

 “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the#HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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