Go #SmellyToSmiley with Ambi Pur Air Effects

Every now and then we like to have people come over or throw a little party especially like a get-together to get ourselves unwinding on the weekend. You set all things right. Mop the floor, clean the furniture and remove every bit of grime. You have made sure that your house is spick and span. But there is something else that is troubling you. A funny morbid smell has invaded your nostrils and you know that it’s already too late. You run towards the kitchen and find your spouse stopped over a chunk of fish and the odour has engulfed you both. You don’t have anything to do now, except sit down on your knees , your face in your palms.

One of the common problems faced in Indian households is the stench of fish, meat , smelly laundry and with no proper room freshener that could remove all of these.

Throwing a party at home requires you to consider the following on a serious note:

1) Keep your kitchen clean

Whether you are preparing fish or meat, garlic or tadka, you need to be precarious about how you keep off the stench. Most of the Indian men and women claim that stench in a home emanates from the kitchen where you have all your food supplies. Garlic and tadka are the major contributors of a reeking home.

When you have your guests seated at the dinner table, you nees to make sure that they are not turned off by the very stench of food. That’s when Ambi pur comes to the rescue. Spray Ambi pur Air effects in your room and wait for the magic to happen.

2)  No grime

The food that gets spilled on the floor rugs can also add to the stench. Your spilled over coffee , cold drinks and fresh juices need to be wiped clean inorder to avoid the nasty smells. If the stench prevails, Ambi pur Aur effects comes to the rescue.

3) Soiled clothes

In summers you’re a sweaty mess and just as much as you need to go take a bath, your clothes too need to be washed sooner. If you have thrown soiled clothes and smelly socks hither and thither ,then of course , you can’t say no to the stench as well.  So, the next summer, don’t forget to bring home Ambipur Air effects!

Now, that we have learnt that in summer, monsoons or winter, the stench from food,clothes or grime is absolutely unavoidable, we don’t need to think twice before bringing home Ambi Pur Air effects to not just cover the odours but completely remove them!

Go #SmellyToSmiley with Ambi Pur.

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