Transforming homes from #SmellyToSmiley

Ever wondered what it takes to expunge the most dreaded foul smells lurking in the corners of your homes? The nauseating odour emanating from garlic based dishes, used socks and a bizarre suffocating stench somehow clinging to the walls of your home are commonly not avertable . No matter how many moth balls you drop into the nooks and crevices of your homes, there is always an unmistakable and discernible whiff of something funny creeping into your nostrils surreptitiously.
A recent study conducted by a third party agency for AmbiPur in Mumbai, Delhi and chennai suggested that women and men have different points of view when it comes to the fundamental reasons why most of our homes reek.
The women claimed that cooking tadka and garlic in the kitchen are the primary explanations for the stench. The other reasons include, fish , garbage and also the dirty laundry. Into the bargain, the intentions to call guests home also were dwindling.
Whereas , the men said that even though tadka and garlic add to an irremovable cause of odour, smelly socks and sweaty clothes could also be not ignored. Also, Indian husbands liked to meet their friends outside homes just so that the odour doesn’t cause a massive turn off for the visiting guests.

With AmbiPur , you are sure to battle each one of those morbid odours , by simply spraying some magic.

How does bad stench affect our  day-to-day lives and where does it all come from ?

1) Fungus and dampness 


In the name of sanctity, when you put your best foot forward and step into your homes after a long tiring day, there is a bizarre stench of dampness and fungus in the monsoons,  that grabs the bridge of your nose and makes a head dive into your poor nostrils. Then in a haste, you pluck a claw from the clothes drying line and do the most needful. Well, I’m just kidding but you got it anyway.

2) Smelly socks and laundry

You have a romantic date with your girlfriend at your place. But you have sadly forgotten to push those smelly socks beneath the floor rugs, and a funny smell surrounds the dinner table. Your girl friend can’t help but ask if you have murdered someone and stashed them in the closet.

3) Garlic


Guests have finally come home for the summer vacation and there are loads of palatable dishes cooking in your kitchen. But, there is somebody snickering and you aren’t cool enough to figure it out. But your guests have and are already engaging in a heated repartee about why the necessity of cooking without garlic serves to be a plus. But, aye, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have your evening with all cakes and ale!

4)Fish(y) ordeal 

You’ve bought home a few sardines and delightedly await a scrumptious luncheon or dinner. But the only problem you have is of the mysterious stench that has spread around the house and before your spouse comes home, you have to ward the fishy odour out of your windows . Now, that’s one fishy ordeal you need to be prepared for.

Now, that we have dealt with the reasons why we need to put off the stench , it’s about time we explain to ourselves how we could triumph over the smelly tumult and make way for fragrant homes.

1) Bring Ambipur home!

Yes, it’s not a bird, not a plane. It’s ambipur! The one stop for all the cravings of your wildly reeking homes.


Compared to the previous base aerosols of Ambi Pur,  Ambi Pur Air Effects is surely not going to let your down.It is sure to not only cover your house odours but also completely removes them. The amazing fragrance that is promised transforms your homes from #SmellyToSmiley

2)  Need I say more?

Now that you’ve already got the hang of what Ambi Pur Air Effects can do to your homes, you don’t have to worry about guests barging into your homes or maybe suffer a blast of stench when you step home.
Ambi Pur Air Effects undeniably serves to be a quick savior in most of the Indian households and turns all and sundry from #SmellyToSmiley whether it’s summer or monsoon!

“I am blogging for#SmellyToSmiley activity in association withAmbi Pur


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