Simple ways to get healthy skin

There are several ways you can maintain a healthy glowing skin with no use of chemical products but instead pure natural products that are not only healthy enough but have no side effects too. A lot of products easily available in the market or generously bedecked in neat arrays in supermarket stalls contain a major portion of chemicals that can cause immense harm to your skin , not to forget early aging which most of us try to keep away.

Ayurveda has a whole host of benefits when it comes to its usage on skin. It provides a natural glow, no oily skin and also a chemical free look.

Here are a few ayurvedic techniques to battle some of the problems you face when considering your skin:

1) Eat healthy : what most of us do not follow on a regular quotidian basis is about including healthy and balanced food in our diet. The easily and readily available junk food often reaches our stomach due to negligence , bad habits or unnurtured diets. In such cases, all you  have to do is, try your level best in keeping away these junk foods and include veggies in your diet.  There are vegetables with a high water content that could be a great help.

2)  Green tea : whoever has not heard the amazing benefits of consuming green tea? Well, green tea is very helpful in maintaining good physical fitness and also to keep yourself hydrated all the time .Moreover, it is said to clean your skin and give your skin a radiant look. It does all this naturally with absolutely no harm to your body.

3) Consume nuts

Including nuts in your diet will inexplicably improve and enhance the texture of your skin. Nuts contain healthy fats and fibre which not only provide for a healthy snack but also simultaneously keep you on your toes when it comes to maintaining the beauty of your skin.

4) Breathe fresh air :

The best way to have a healthy respiratory system is to perform pranayama whenever you are free. It not only improves the texture of your skin but also makes it healthy and clean.

The intake of fresh air is said to provide a whole host of benefits to your skin. So , keep in mind to breathe fresh and perform pranayama regularly.

5) Exercising :

Performing exercises on a quotidian basis can help you maintain healthy skin. This can include yoga which can immensely benefit you inside and out. Moreover, it helps you in releasing stress which further improves the quality of your skin since healthy skin is always the one that comes with a reduced amount of stress.

These are the several ways to maintain a healthy skin and to keep yourself fit at the same time. Now you can #ComeCloser to a healthy skin using Vicco Turmeric skin cream with foam base.

p.s.Vicco turmeric cream with it’s ayurvedic benefits is sure to help you maintain a healthy looking skin with no harmful chemicals. It has microbicide properties of turmeric that clears blackheads , fights pimples and oily skin.

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