MOM- My superwoman!

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” ― David C. Gross

When we reminisce every single moment of our childhood, there is definitely not a single one that is not directly or indirectly connected with our mothers. Every step that we have taken, every moment that we have lived, we see ourselves very closely associated with our lifeline, that is a mother. She is the first teacher, our first expert, who guides us like a mentor and prevails as a shining beacon to steady our lives or to just provide that unwavering support we yearn for. Our life’s amiss without the love and care of a mother.
The times we cried over petty tantrums or stubbornly demanded ice creams/chocolates/toys or simply, yearned for her touch, she was always there. Maybe that’s why, the bond that we seem to have grown over the years, gets stauncher by the moment.

My mother is one such woman, who has always strived hard, very hard, in giving me the best, loving me the most and fulfilling very single desire that I had. She has shaken nightmares out of me, stretched out her arms when I needed her the most and encompassed me with her unfailing love and an undenying self. She has painted very single moment of my life with the colors of her unfaltering companionship.

She has proved to be a pro at multitasking and never- ever botches up a single task. If anything, she just makes them better and sacrifices a part of her and puts her heart into it. Do you remember the times, when you could not find a thing that you were haphazardly looking for, and then you called out to your mother and she brandished her magical intangible wand and abruptly, you found what you were looking for? I must say, my mother does possess some supernatural powers that she’s hiding from me. She is my super-woman! I certainly would not be astounded if I were to find a superwoman cloak lurking somewhere in the secrets of her wardrobe. *snicker*

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If you ever had siblings, you’d know how she equally treats all of them and showers her love on every one of them. I grew up with a sibling and that’s why I know. My mother has always strenuously worked to assure that we were not, not even a single time, measured over each other in terms of any possible factor. And, if anything, any amount of bias angled towards my end, could be of-course regardlessly overlooked. * straight-face*

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When I was frightened about school, when I struggled to study, my mother always assisted me and helped me ace the exams. She is indeed a wonderful teacher that nobody could/can ever replace.

Do you remember the times you fought with your best-friends and then turned up to your mother and she provided you instant support no matter what work she was caught up in. My mom has always been a best friend to me through my thick and thin. She has been a protector, the best adviser, and listener and also, has stood by me every single moment. Maybe, that’s why no best-friend can replace the friendship that she has environed me with.

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When I’ve been afraid, when I’ve desired company, when I’ve endeavored to prosper, she has nurtured me in endearment and utmost affection. And that’s why on the occasion of Mother’s day, I thank her significantly and feel certainly honored to say that she’s #MyFirstExpert !

P.S. And, when it comes to hair color, Godrej puts forth its Expert Rich Crème which I’m sure wouldn’t disappoint most mothers. *Wide grin*

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