#EkNayiLeague – A trending discussion!

We all have dealt with or regularly come across leagues of various kinds and classes. But, here we see that Mr. Kapil Dev, the Indian cricketer has recently hyped a new jargon with the #EkNayiLeague. What could this league be all about? He has clearly demonstrated the various leagues with real life examples of Sania Mirza, Kapil Sharma, M.S. Dhoni and also, Yuvraj Singh. But what he severely emphasizes is that all these exemplars are  personalities and celebrities who have dealt with life using their heart. But, Mr. Kapil Dev stands strong with his point and claims that he deals with a new kind of league which involves only the usage of a brain and has absolutely no correlation with one’s sentimentality.
Mr. Kapil Dev says that M.S. Dhoni has decided to retire very soon and that Dhoni does not play according to the ideologies of his Nayi League and he will surely learn about it sooner. Also, he gives examples of Sania Mirza who has proven to be one of the best Indian tennis players as well as a world champion. Yet again, she doesn’t really play according to the new league is what he says. Also,the popular Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh who returned to playing even after being diagnosed with cancer and also having fully recovered from it, he plays with his heart and for the country. Kapil Sharma , the stand-up comedian has earned huge acclaims and accolades for his phenomenal performances and his unpredictable humor. But, he is not really following the Nayi League.

Image  Courtesy : www.videobaby.in

Image Courtesy : www.videobaby.in

What does #EkNayiLeague mean to me?
I have a strong inkling that #EkNayiLeague refers to an upcoming television show that is for the common public. Or even for the celebrities as Mr. Kapil Dev clearly mentions some of the great personalities in the video. This could be more like a game show with different tasks that are given to the people as part of the show and which would fetch them prizes too!
I also feel that #EkNayiLeague could be an inspirational show where he relates to real life examples where people have used their minds rather than their hearts. It could even indicate the general public who have done something great for the country much like Yuvraj Singh, Saniz Mirza, Kapil Sharma , M.S. Dhoni or other such celebrities but with a different edge or in a different league. All with philanthropic intentions, of course, because PM Modi himself has congratulated him on his new league.
But, my thoughts are very strongly inclined to the fact that it is a game show. Because, he has clearly explained that it doesn’t need feelings from the heart but only the human mind . Also, it is learnt that he has created a twitter account recently, for the same purpose. This also gives a slight hint that the games could be online. Probably. We could never say.

Anyway, whatever the show may be, we wish Mr.Kapil Dev goodluck in his new endeavor!

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