Gender-Equality starts in our homes!

It’s already an accepted notion by practically a major portion of Indians that engaging oneself in household chores is a feminine task. No matter what degree the woman holds or what status, they are never really exempted from these chores. This is the very reason why imbalance and misunderstandings occur in most of the modern households. The thought has been carried from several generations and still exits prominently in today’s world.
We could take for example, a situation where a couple has to attend a function or otherwise, even a luncheon or dinner. When the man gets dressed up to go, all that the woman tries to do is to immediately rush to complete the leftover tasks and leave no job undone. Moreover, if she does have little kids, she has to spend another major amount of time in helping them get dressed up! This is why men often blame women that they are always late. But don’t we know the truth, already?
This is precisely why the #ShareTheLoad hypothesis needs to be necessarily implemented in every household. Only then, can we see equality right from the primary aspects. It’s not enough, if equality is deemed only through outward gestures, but it should all start from within. And we say, right from the household tasks!
Now, imagine the same scenario, where the couple has to go on an outing and they have an equal share on the household tasks. Both of them could indulge themselves in sharing the load and this would help them finish things off soon and with absolutely no misunderstanding.

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Ariel believes in this strategy of #ShareTheLoad and so do I. If every man in the house contributes equally to these household tasks, we could all hope for a better India where women are equally respected for their work and also, given a helping hand!
We need to stop this immature disparity that persists everywhere and bring about a change in the male minds. Well, this just coincides with the picture of gender equality and #ShareTheLoad is exactly that. It’s gender equality that begins in our very homes.
We need to obliterate the wrong perceptions in the minds of majority of Indians that women are meant for only household works. There have been so many Indian women who have proved that they are no lesser than the men. Today, Indian women are not just wives or mothers, but, businesswomen, teachers, artists, army officers, sports-persons, engineers and they have grabbed their share in every other profession, just like their masculine counterparts. Women are no longer weak, frail or to subjected to the household restrictions. They also have a work life and a personal life that they need to proportionately balance.
Now, all we can do is, bring about a prominent change in people’s mindsets , by encouraging them to assist each other in their household chores and help make India a gender-equalized nation with happier, better quality households.

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.


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