Sharing happiness with the old

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Have you ever wondered what would happen one day when you grow old and grow an abundance of grey hair on your head? When your hands and legs turn frail and so weak that you would need somebody to help you move around. When you cannot speak clearly and always end up speaking things which sound to be so gibberish that people avoid and ignore your every other talk. When you want to do something in life but you neither have the time nor the energy to do them all!
Yes, these things are the precise thoughts that came across my mind on my visit to an old age home some years back. It was just another visit scheduled from school (on our request) and we went there along with all our friends in order to interact with the old aged people who have nobody but each other to spend their few moments and few years.
As usual, school kids were hyper excited to go to a place apart from school. Even I along with all my friends was pretty much excited and was in fact, waiting for it from a long time. Just to see how the old people talk and whether they are friendly, jovial or just, plainly sober-faced.
When we went there, we all had our eyes well up, because it was exactly different from what we supposed it to be. It was not a place where you find merriment or happiness. In fact, it was devoid of everything. It had just that little force that kept them together and going every single day of their lives. They had just nobody.
That was when I saw this lady who was so old and haggardly that she was carried in a wheelchair to and fro, as she met the school kids including me. She had a smile etched on her face and her eyes were so small that I was sure she could barely see our faces. She was told by her caretaker that we are school kids and she was happy to hear about it.
She weakly grabbed my friend’s hand and started speaking away. She spoke to us about her family and how her sons and daughters had left her and fled. We were really upset and my friend and I spoke to her about our daily things at school so that we could put her into a lively mood. Half of what we said was never really understood by her. But she was very happy listening to us speak, because she had never really spoken to anybody in many years. From the time her family abandoned her, she was left alone and desolated. Thereafter, we quickly decided to sing a few devotional songs to her so that she feels entertained and delighted.
That day, after speaking to us, she was highly elated and she thanked us for coming there. She kept saying how grateful she was for meeting her and said that we made those few moments so special. We believe that that day was indeed magical for her. We were extremely glad at the end of the day that we fortunately struck a #DilKiDeal , followed our hearts and visited this place.
It’s surprising how several children shun their parents in their old age and put them in old age homes with no intention of taking care of them. I think everyone should take their time off and spend it with these old people. Maybe then we could share some happiness with them as well.

P.S. “I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.”


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  1. Dancing with words!!
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 02:07:45

    Wonderful ! :-*



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