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Who doesn’t like surprises? When you are going through times that could pull you apart and squeeze every bit of happiness from what’s left of you, you would surely be in need of something special to abruptly arise and bring that MAGIC into your life. I’ve always enjoyed surprises. Whether it is about gifting myself or others, there is this contentment and elation I experience in every single gesture. Moreover, I’ve also learnt very well that, “There is more happiness in giving than taking.” Don’t you agree with this? Well, I certainly do!
Maybe that’s why I always take some time off and gift my family with goodies which they awfully enjoy. Because, life is all about sharing. In sharing we gain happiness that cannot be paralleled with any other.

It happened a few days back. When I earn some decent money through content writing, blogging or any other such task, I habitually gift others and myself. Well, this time I decided to gift my grandparents. We all know that it’s in the very rarest of the cases, that people generally think about the old people in their homes or otherwise. So, this time I decided to go out of the way and gift them things that they might be in need. They don’t live in my home so that would mean that surprising them through gifts would be a better and an interesting idea too. What could be better than choosing a decent e-commerce portal like Snapdeal and sending gifts? So, that’s what I did. It’s in these simple gestures that we can share the happiness not only among people in our homes but also who stay far away. In my case, I happened to surprise my grandparents.
That day, I shopped a few things online and directed the address to theirs. So that was it. The surprise gifts would reach them in a few days time.
As it was scheduled, the gifts reached the destination much prior than what was scheduled and boy, where they surprised? They were very happy and most of all, they did not realize who sent them those gifts. Later that night, I called them to say that it was me. They were delighted indeed.

It was that day that I realized that there is so much happiness in giving that I hadn’t experienced before. Generally, we are so selfish in our everyday lives that we often think about ourselves and how we could do better to ourselves. But we seldom realize how our considerate, solicitous and kind gestures can make someone’s day magical. All we have to do is extend that sharing hand and follow whatever our heart feels. It is only then that we can make someone’s moment a little extra special through these little gestures.
For, life is just short and we have only so much that we could do today. So why don’t we start with it, here and now?

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.


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  1. Dancing with words!!
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 02:09:04

    Gifting grand parents gives us a lot of happiness 🙂



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