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In our busy everyday lives, we get so engulfed and absorbed in stringent schedules that we fail to give a decent amount of time to ourselves. Amidst the tumult and chaos of busy routines, the very happiness, contentment and meaning of life seems to drown in oblivion. That’s why I made a quick decision to give time to myself hereafter and bring cheer into my already-boring life.
Happiness is not just a feeling, it’s a wonderful contagion. We tend to make others around us happy when we are happy. There is nothing better than wearing a smile on your face every day and let nature work its magic.

Here are a few things that make me happy on a quotidian basis:

1) A large swig of coca cola!
Who doesn’t enjoy pouring a glass of frozen coca cola down their desiccated throats during these scalding summers? The first thing I do when I get home after a busy day is to plop on my couch and take a large swig of coca cola. Moreover, there is no pleasure in savoring it all alone. I often share it with my family members and help share the happiness!
2) Hanging out with friends
Another best way that I choose to unwind myself in the weekends is to hang out with friends. Watch a movie or plainly, just hang out! After a strenuous week, having fun with my friends is what I enjoy doing. It indeed feels exhilarating and downright delightful. Moreover, it helps in warding off all the mundane sprits away.

3) Music
Another awesome and amazing pastime that makes me happy is to listen to soothing and euphonious music. The pleasant songs I listen immediately settles me into a wonderful mood and I’m all set for the rage of a busy day. My favorites are Enrique, Jay Sean, Taylor Swift, Evanescence or any other soothing melody does my job. All I have to do is prop my ear plugs into my ears and allow the magic of music to take over!

4) Writing
I’m an insatiable writer. Whether it is about penning down austere everyday issues or about brainstorming a piece of fiction , or even scribbling free verse drabbles, they always make me ecstatic. The sole purpose of writing for me is to carve a niche in people’s stereotypical minds or other times simply to flush my frustration of the day and switch to a happy mood. The more the writing happens, the better it turns out to be. Every day brings better memories and newer experiences. All of these craft out the writer in me. It makes me a whole person; it makes me radiant and rapturous. It helps me in evolving as a tactful person and a writer.

5) Sharing:
Sharing with the poor and the needy is another reason that makes me happy. I have always experienced more joy in giving than taking. What could be better than spreading one’s joy with others?

Life is so beautiful that we need to enjoy it thoroughly. We need to share the happiness that we possess because only in giving is there a mightier pleasure that overcomes everything else. We should strive to make happiness a chronic feeling.
Life is short and we have only little that we could do as of now, so why don’t we spread happiness and make this world a better place to live in? 🙂

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