Paving the way for an animal-loving future

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It was another day packed with all mundane and monotonous events. Another day traveling home from college. There was nothing different except that today I had met this insanely annoying person, an acquaintance who constantly maundered about random things. I agree she had this thing for speaking. But spewing so much pessimism is not something I truly appreciate. She was ranting away about how Indians Ill treat animals by pelting stones or beating them just to get rid of them. She also said that she had a pet dog whom she took good care of. I agree that she lived a major part of her life abroad but that doesn’t mean that she should undermine the Indians so much when it comes to animals or the like. Every time we comes across a stray animal with a broken ear or a broken bone, it doesn’t really mean that people have ill-treated them for their pleasure. There are certain circumstances where you have to get rid of certain animals especially when you feel that they are potentially harmful. Take for example, you are walking on a deserted road and a furious dog scoots up towards you. Would you just stare and smile? You would obviously intend to harm it just to frighten it. But that doesn’t mean that Indians don’t care about animals.
Sometimes we need to focus on the positivity that emanates from our surroundings. Maybe then we will realize how to embrace a delightful life. I remember going to a friend’s home who had a pet cat as well as a pet dog. She took really good care of it by feeding it with proper healthy food and by petting it like as if it were her child. She also had made friends with some stray dogs who constantly stood outside the gates of her house. She is a happy-being communicating with animals and showing them her love. This filled me with a great deal of optimism and made me realize that animal lovers are not very few in India. Coming to speak about that, even I adore animals but I just don’t own a pet.
Especially the young generation seems to love animals more than ever. My neighbor alone has four pets and the little kid always sits by these animals and talks to them. It sounds funny but it’s true.
So you cannot blame people saying that animals are Ill treated. Only in the rarest of the cases that does happen. Everywhere we see people protesting against the slaughter of cows and the like; so doesn’t that mean these people possess a heart?
I agree the acquaintance I met in the bus must be a crazy animal lover but she’s seeing the part of India that brings in a whole lot of negativity.
After the long conversation, I unboarded the bus and walked towards my home. When on the way, I peeked over my neighbor’s gate only to see the little child again. He was feeding a small stray puppy. I looked at him and he smiled back. That moment I was infused with a great deal of optimism about people and animals. You cannot blame the whole world for a crime done by a single person. You need to accuse the person and not the place that he/she belongs to. If little kids like these care so much for animals at a very tender age, I’m sure we would be seeing more of such things in the future as well. We would probably have pet care centers located at required places so that we don’t see homeless stray animals wandering about . They would have shelter, food minus the ferocity. Today I feel more optimistic when I see tiny tots not pelting stones instead giving them shelter. I can finally #LookUp towards a future which would be taken care by affectionate and loving hands of young Indians. An  animal-loving future is what we optimistically hope for.

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