Embracing ‘Change’

Image courtesy : www.spiritualriver.com

Image courtesy : www.spiritualriver.com

It would be a hard choice. Everyone had told me so. Staying in the suburbs of a small city in south India, I never really had traveled to any place in north India. Moreover, I was also discouraged by a whole host of people regarding why I shouldn’t enroll myself in a college in Delhi. Considering India’s present situations , the perpetual terror that is seen in Delhi and other places in the North in the case of women, was something everybody kept advising me about. But all I wanted to do was pursue my passion in one of the leading colleges for mass media and communication in Delhi. The awesome infrastructure and support to students in placements were not to be found in any other college in the country; at least not much as Delhi seemed to provide. That’s why I had made a firm decision that I would definitely enroll myself there. But the fear that lay inside me was about the security for women or whether I would be safe at all. But let me tell you, when you really wish to do something in life, the odds are barely against you. In fact, they will always stay with you, forever in your favor.
And for this, I had to make a dauntless decision as to what I really needed in my life. Whether it was to be subdued by the talk of people who constantly undermined my capabilities or otherwise make an intrinsic decision to take a bold step towards my sought-after success. At least I had to have an unflinching determination to do the same.
Then one fine day I got myself enrolled in that college. It might have been a bold step for me, but I had to work it out somehow. I had to pursue my passion and for that I prevented others from negatively impacting me.
Delhi is a different place altogether. Unlike the indifferent people present in my city- Mangalore ,Delhi had extremely dynamic, passionate and zealous individuals. It’s a different world altogether. But studying in one of the best colleges makes these things seem absolutely trivial. Though I had a lot of trouble staying not only away from home but also much far away, I am now happy.
I believe that people should always stand by what they want to do. If an individual believes in himself or herself, then surely they can achieve whatever they have wished to or what they have dreamt of.
My final decision has ultimately paid off and now I’m absolutely delighted by the fact that I’m studying in Delhi. To start a new life, it all starts with us. We need to embrace change as it comes our way so that we could do the best that we can possibly do. In order to go a thousand miles, we still have to take that one step and that is what makes the difference. And trust me, when you embark on a journey to #StartANewLife, thereafter nothing else would matter anymore…

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  1. shambhavi31
    Mar 22, 2015 @ 13:15:11

    Hey so true. Having stayed in Mangalore myself, I don’t have a very safe opinion for that place. We have to take risks in life, to achieve anything at all. As a matter of fact, no place in India is safe. It’s upon us to protect ourselves. 🙂
    Kudos to you… Tiptoe if you must, but take that step! 🙂



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