The joy of being together

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Sitting in the public transport- a local bus, I couldn’t really fathom how the meeting would happen. She had been my friend for quite some time now but meeting a person after a certain large span of time was really a big deal. I looked out of the window as the bus sped by some of the busy streets of Mangalore. I couldn’t really believe that I was going to meet her after nearly three years. Though we talked on the phone or chatted on social networking sites, meeting in person was surely my idea of fun. As I unboarded the bus at the destination bus-stop, I saw her standing in deep introspection. She hadn’t seen me alighting from the bus. I walked in hushed footsteps behind her and slowly patted her shoulder. She turned and looked at me and immediately ranted away throwing up a fuss about why I reached late. And I said,” For old times’ sake!” Well even when we studied together in the same college three years back I often came late and she was the first one to arrive no matter what.
She grunted and shot up a few angry remarks as we made our way to the nearby CCD. Who said coffee shops are just for couples or romantic trysts? Well I always met my BFF at the CCD or any other fast food joint to ramble away or chitchat for a long time. There have been times when we totally lost track of time and ended up staying for three or four hours straight in a food joint. (only when they allowed us I mean. The rest of the times they shooed us away to make seats for the incoming customers). After a brief talk at the CCD we walked a few miles unwinding ourselves about the latest talks about each other that we had missed. Well, when two friends meet after a long time , there were always endless giggles and laughter of course . She filled me in with the whole lot of optimistic talks about daily life that I might have never received from any other person. Also, we shared our views regarding every other general society issues that need justification  or what needed to be obliterated from the society. We made our own theories and thesis about what changes needed to be brought into this world and what are the things that need to be diminished. For a brief time, we became the masters of our own ideas and our own world. But that would make it more wonderful, just because we were #together .She would begin to laugh at every other silly joke of mine and I would laugh at hers. Silly us. After CCD our next destination was a food joint nearby where we parked ourselves to have another round of unintelligible talks and perpetual giggles. So much for being #together. Then we had our favorite food at KFC’s and spoke about every topic under the sun. I was really enjoying it a great deal and so was she. Well everyone has these silly times when hanging out with friends. Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee with a toast of unbreakable friendship? It is this unique relation that we share with friends that make our lives absolutely livable. It’s in this togetherness that we learn to live, share and let-live. With just the right friends, life can sure turn out to be wonderful. With the optimism that I churned out and a whole lot of goodwill that I gathered in the span of a day with my friend, I went home with a heavy heart of departing again. But the amazing pep-talks that we shared are really something that I wouldn’t forget for quite some time…Believe me.

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