The Mystic Rain

Here, I’ve described rain poetically with respect to the five senses:


The crisp wet air

Projects a shadowy limelight

In an inebriating


Of minty moonlight;

The silent break

In the quirky vaccum

Gives birth to an aura

With a young perception

Of acute


Reeking petrichor,

An intoxicating concoction

Of virginal incense

Camouflaged in fresh soil

And a scintillating

Whiff of blowing camphor;

A gentle rip of

The angelic nimbus

Pouring shudders

Of innocuous gunshots

That spill an immaculate

Hooch of timed music;

The  burning desire

Of  insatiable tongues,

Satisfied with opaline

Blessings that spout

An hors d’oeuvre of

Blissful eternity!


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