The fisherman.

He wakes up in the morning tired and vulnerable and holding together his sagged body .It was another day. Another morning that would just pass away like the rest.
He heaves on his back, his  little priceless equipments , wearing old pale and stained clothes and sets out to earn his living.
The heavy mist clouding his vision he walks on the old tarred road . The clouds had grown heavy and were on the verge of giving away .
But yet, he had to go.
The wind was building speed, cold and piercing. The weather bleak and  gloomy. He walked past the fields and the little broken houses. He looked at the sky and prayed silently for the rain gods to show mercy on him.
The alley dogs eyed him lethargically as he went past them , but he knew that they had seen him everyday. He was no stranger.
He heard the faint chirp of the little birds.
The trees swayed to the rhythm of the moaning breeze. He sensed the hostile vibes radiating. But what could happen? He had been doing this for years. Nothing could happen, at least not today.
As he drifted against the morning haze , his workplace loomed closer. He shifted the equipments he carried on his shoulder onto his grubby hands.
The glistening river adorned with spectacular species of little living creatures sneered at him or was it his imagination? He continued, anyway .
He cautiously placed his things on his little boat by the river  and slid it towards the cold waters. Then he clambered into it with the confidence that came by the years  of expertise.
By now, the trees had caught a vehement movement and the waves of the river seemed reckless.
But, he was a fisherman.
He wouldn’t be afraid to work for a living.


So reluctantly ,but with that undaunted spirit, he rowed his boat forward. The boat faltered,then moved and  the rain came down in little droplets that pinched his worn out skin.
The fisherman heaved his net over the black waters and breathed a sigh of relief when the grappling tiny creatures got webbed and fell a prey.
It wouldn’t be long when he would go back home with this satisfaction. There wasn’t anything to panic about.He smiled to himself as he caught more of those little creatures of the river.

Abruptly , the wind turned into a brutal storm .The water lapped vehemently against his boat.The waves were wild and nagging in a blatant frenzy. The net slipped from his hands and sank into the water, taking along with it the happy song of the creatures caught in it.
He had no more control now .The boat swayed and turned, completely haywire. The storm was brutal. He cried for help hoping he would be heard over the loud chaos of the storm.
But who would hear him? He was forlorn, lost in the unforgiving acts of nature.
There was no way back.
Then it happened.
A sudden gust of wind upturned the boat and he was mercilessly flung into the utter coldness of the river.
Nobody would help him,he knew.
He grappled in the water and then was sucked viciously into its realm. There was no forgiveness.

But he was just a fisherman. And all that he wanted to do was earn for a living.


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