The Awakening.


I heard that cry again that night .It shook me awake and resonated across my body in desperation. I grappled hard  to fetch my lost equilibrium .There was something wrong .Something very wrong.

The memories of my life scattered and growing vehemently  in my brain like wild flowers .I was living on these memories alone. It’s been a while since I had forgotten myself. Forgotten to give myself a space .That inner being which cried to be free .

It was me.

My subconscious wailed for its lost freedom . It begged me to free it from the shackles that held it.
I wanted to be free.


I didn’t remember when was the last time I actually lived. When was the last time I thought for  myself. I was so engrossed in the world, the quotidian busy routines.
The waking up in the morning, indulging in a so-called worldly life, going back to bed,then once again ,the cycle repeats.

. It’s this erratic chain of life, isn’t it?
How much I desire to change this .
Change the stereotyped life that I live. I need to break free .
Sometimes we get so submerged in our busy schedules that we fail to give time to ourselves. We behave like a puppet that we apparently have a control over.
There is this one life that we live.We need to live it wisely.
  Don’t take life for granted. I say, live it like there’s no tomorrow.
Enjoy this little life and cherish every moment that you’re blessed with , because you never know what tomorrow may bring you.
The catch is , you just have to learn to love it, maybe because it’s yours! 🙂

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