She stood in that solitary place on the sea shore .Her mind racing through all the wicked unsettling moments of her life that she had witnessed. The sea water lapped desperately against her bare feet. Against her soul .Against her vulnerability. She chanted a silent mantra to herself .This is the end .This is the end .This is the end .

Life had been a series of unfathomable events. All of them towering above her ,turning her into a helpless forlorn child. Life hasn’t been fair ,has it?
All the memories  of her life started to come shattering down.
She had never felt this emptiness before. It engulfed her like wild intractable waves of the sea, pulling her down into the deepest chasms of misery.
Everybody has their own grievances and miseries. It all depends on how we take our life to be. Whether, we want to instill pain in ourselves or if we want to keep the faith alive . It’s our choice. Happiness is a choice. We just need to accept the hindrances and take them in our stride. So that eventually that transforms us into someone better.

She breathed the fresh air in and tried to steady her nerves . She rose up and strode away… There was a long way to go and she was not giving up.

Life has its own way of teaching us things that we can’t fathom but its up to us to take a wise decision and move on.

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