Food for thought: exclusively for teenagers

Well, you must have heard of that girl down the street with extra flamboyant looks and graceful moves or even that guy next door with a charismatic demeanour and looks that every girl would die for.
But deep down inside you have that nagging feeling within you that repeatedly questions you about your unpopularity that you proudly possess(sardonically, I mean) unless of course you are one of the popular. But  don’t you think that this is just as hilarious for you to focus on when you already have your goals set right regarding what exactly you want to be. Whether its that ideal personality that you want to grow into or whether it’s a wannabe you want to be. Haha .well, this reminds me of the so-called Flamingoes in the popular TV show Full House.The too popular  folk at school. Frankly, I have always felt the entire thing to be just preposterous.
So basically it just brings you tumbling  down and sort of diminishes your self confidence .
Why don’t you just focus on what you have to achieve and then see what life has to give you!
There are a numerous things out there that are just waiting at your disposal but you fail to see life from a better prospective and maybe eventually that might be a major cause for the regret.
Life is a rainbow of different colours that need to be dealt differently. And,when you do this you will just see that cul-de-sac of your life actually transforming into that welcoming red carpet that you always wished it to be.
Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and not in the external appearance well, that’s just surface and not reality, apparently. You just need to be a tad too self confident and then you can see the magic happen. Its all about your attitude,folks. That’s the only key that could take you on a roller coaster ride to success!!

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