The coolest benefits of Airtel 4g

If you are that person who immensely craves for a faster internet, then Airtel 4g is just right for you. With its amazing lightening fast speed, Airtel 4g promises to satisfy your internet-savvy desires. Whether it’s about downloading movies or video streaming, there is simply nothing that could escape the claws of a faster 4g internet service. Airtel 4g services come with exactly the same benefits as a 3g pack, but with a faster speed and absolutely no extra cost. For this, all you need is a 4g device, a 4g Airtel sim and of course, a 4g plan that comes at the same price as that of a 3g plan, with unwavering promises that Airtel pledges to keep. These sims have finally rolled out to nearly 296 happening cities and will soon reach out to more. The Airtel 4g is just available at a tweet away and also is provided with a home delivery as well.

With unbelievable speeds of the Airtel 4g sim, these are the possible things i could do:

  • Download movies!
    The one first thing that crosses people’s minds as a part of leisurely and entertainment based task, is watching movies. Every week, there are tens of movies released and all you desire to do on weekends is happily recline on a bean bag, grab a pack of popcorns and watch a movie. With Airtel 4g, I could do all of this, and all in just a matter of a few minutes.
  • Amazingly good video streaming experience: with Airtel 4g, you are sure to have an amazing time browsing through YouTube and watching videos without any buffering latency. All you have to do is connect your device to an Airtel network, and see the magic unwinding itself.
  • Quick messenger connectivity: With whatsapp, hike and other such messengers playing a major role in social networking, we cannot really afford to miss out any fun with our slow internet pack. With Airtel 4g, we can be assured of a faster network and faster messenger connectivity with absolutely no lag. You sure can make more buddies and retain them all using Airtel’s quick connectivity offered through 4g.
  • Gaming! :All those gamers out there would be surely overwhelmed by the fact that you wouldn’t have to worry about game lag when playing online games. You have to just set the mood and Airtel will do all the rest. So, go gaming with Airtel 4g!
  • Boost your GK: For all those knowledge-savvy people, Airtel 4g would work as a boon. You can browse the internet anytime, anywhere and be assured that you’re not missing out on any current happenings. So, gear up and go google-ing with Airtel’s magical 4g service.

Airtel not only promises a speedy 4g internet connection but also assures that it would provide a lifetime free network bills to the individual who defies this lightening speed. Wow. That’s why Airtel is the ultimate network coverage you should surely not deny, and especially not its 4g super-cool dash of the internet.

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Say Yes to a balanced diet with Dabur Honey

Nowadays with the increasing consumption of junk and unhealthy food, it’s quite common to come across people who suffer obesity and other such health problems due to unorganized food habits. This is why the necessity of consuming a healthy balanced diet comes to the picture. A balnced diet not only keeps you in good shape but also helps you build your body tissues and maintain your body organs healthy. A lot of people across the world fall a prey to unhygienic and unhealthy food habits and so succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle. Fresh fruits and healthy leafy vegetables are the main constituents of a healthy diet. Without them , the body loses the eseenrit nutrition it requires and becomes prone to infections and other allergies . Dabur honey is one of the best constituents of a healthy diet. It has several benefits that are essential in a balnced diet supplement.

Here’s why: 1)  Consuming healthy veggies can help one reduce their weight and be in good shape. Also, reducing the amount of oily food one consumes can help one stay fit. Similarly, consuming two drops of Dabur honey every morning can help one reduce weight effectively.

2)  The lesser the amount of sugary substances we include in our diet, the more beneficial it’s going to be. Consuming Dabur honey instead of sugar can help one cut down on one’s blood sugar levels as honey contains a lot of antioxidants , vitamins and also minerals and which is a very good substituent for sugar.

3)  Consuming healthy vegetables and fruits can serve as a very good source of energy . Also, Dabur honey can be said to be an energy packed jar of happiness that never fails to allure us with its golden charisma. 4) Balanced diet can help in easy digestion too. A lot of times we fall ill because of consumption of unhealthy oily food that sometimes is not digested properly. It can also result in weakness. If one consumes Dabur honey on a quotidian basis, then it would surely help in easy digestion and effective digestion.

5)  A lot of times we tend to fall ill by consuming unhealthy junk food . this sometimes is the sole reason of frequently succumbing to cold and cough. Hence, a balanced diet will help you get rid of all that. Dabur honey helps one in getting rid of cough , cold and other allergies .

6) A healthy junk-free diet can help one maintain a healthy glow on thier skins. Sometimes they make our skin oily and acne prone. Consuming honey can help one maintain healthy skin and preserve a happy glow. Now , a crash diet is for those who wish to reduce thier weight and stay fit. There are several nutritional compromises that you need to take when you go through a crash diet.

1) Crash diets causes a lot of health problems even though your main intention is to simply reduce weight. Crash diets can reduce your water weight as well as muscle weight. This can make your weak and tired.

2) They can cause slow metabolism and actually store fat instead of burning it. If you do start eating normally later, then you still have to face an issue of quick weight-gain.

3) They can break your good fat along with your bad fats. This can be dangerous and equally unhealthy. A sudden weight loss would perhaps make you pay a price. Therefore, instead of crash diets, we can consider a healthy balanced diet by consuming Dabur Honey on a  quotidian basis. Say Yes to a Honey diet

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Surf it all, surf it fast- Only using UC browser.

Scores of Indians are addicted to the game of cricket. In this fast paced world where there are just so many issues that steal our breath away , be it professional or personal, we as Indians are always and will always have this innate fervour for cricket. It is the most influential force that tempts every Indian into being a cricket fan. Often Indians are so addicted to the game, that they do not mind skipping a date, missing fmaily get-togethers or even work , just to watch an exhilarating game of cricket. The only reason that stops you from watching a fanatic game of cricket is not ur slow internet browsers. While you are on the go or just basking on your couch, you would sure as hell not miss that game for all the life of you. When this browser pauses countless times in between due to slow internet issues, you do not panic, you get infuriated.

Maybe that’s why you need to switch to the all new UC browser with its UC cricket space that is exactly meant for all those cricket fans who would want seamless transitions of the live cricket match. It connects then to the match no matter where they are.

With UC browser, you can surf it all, surf it fast!

The only way you can stay connected with the game while not missing out on anything else, is by using a browser that is not just fast enough, but also provides a UC cricket space that is just the right requirement when all you need is just to peek into what is happening at the Cricket field.

Uc browser has some of the most amazing features that one would want in a browser.

1) Fast browsing: who would want to spend their precious time loading and reloading video streaming? Of course we don’t. Especially when we want to browse faster and watch cricket macthes on the go, we would obviously expect something way better. That’s when UC browser comes to the rescue.

2) UC cricket   space: This is just the right space for all you cricket lovers. While of course UC browser is an amazing application for browsing anything and everything we need , it surely does no injustice to the Cricket lovers. With its smooth and easy transitions, it will surely provide enough satisfaction to the game lovers.

3)  cloud sync: with the browser’s neat cloud synching feature, it will surely not disappoint anybody who would want to keep themselves updated with the game. Uc browser has cloud acceleration and data compression technology. This helps in easy cloud synching when compared to other browsers.

Most often people like to keep themselves updated with the game using the following media:

1) Television: watching cricket on the television screen is okay when you’re at home.  Else, you may need uc browser for fast browsing.

2) Twitter or Facebook updates: Yeah, of course . who can miss out what the social networking sites have taught us? Some of us get live updates just by going through their Facebook/Twitter timeline.

Yet, these media surely have their own drawbacks. They cannot be accessed or be relied upon at all points of time. It’s not so with UC browser, because it’s only through the lightening fast UC browser can we surf it all, surf it fast! :)

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She let it wait for a while. The truth didn’t sink in the way it had to. Perhaps she had to give it another try. Her breath had grown shallow with her feelings pouring down on her like a maelstrom and Grabbing her from the back and pushing her into an abyss that she failed to notice. She clenched the zipper of her cardigan that was choking her throat. She pulled it down slowly, yet steady. The heat was too much, and she was not ready. Her blood curdled vehemently beneath her thinning skin and snaked through her veins in a spiteful disposition.
The clock struck a painful 12. It was only during the midnight that she had a face off with her battles. The time she spent in a solitude that had now started to smother her. Slowly, in a union of her weaknesses. Fear dripped from her skin like faint dew drops. She ripped off the cardigan in one ecstatic motion, as her body tasted a strange sense of freedom. She was a free bird , sans wings.

Dabur baby massage oil for healthy growth

Mothers are always over protective of their baby’s bodies. A baby has extremely sensitive skin, muscles and bones. Therefore the care that is taken in its childhood helps in the the healthy growth and development of the body.

When a baby is born, a lot of people like to cuddle and kiss the baby. This affection that is showerd on the baby makes the mother feel uncomfortable and worried. This is because, most of the times, a baby’s fragile skin can get ruptured if utmost care is not taken. Dabur baby massage oil is one such boon for the baby’s body in order to provide healthy nourishment and growth. Massaging a baby’s body at a very young age helps in improving its motor relexes and its bodily movements.

With Dabur baby massage oil, you can assure that your baby gets all the healthy nourishment at an easy reach.

Paraffin oils present in other cosmetic products can have a negative influence on the baby. Almond oil and olive oil helps in faster bone build up and also a healthy muscle formation. Therefore , using Dabur baby massage oil can be proved to be extremely useful in the healthy growth of the baby.

It contains olive oil and almond oil which improve the quality and texture of the skin. Almond oil and olive oil have a lot of benefits.  They help in healthy formation of body muscles.Moreover, both are natural moisturisers that improve the texture of the baby’s skin. Therefore Dabur assures that your baby gets all the benefits of a healthy skin without any worries.

Olive oil makes the skin permeable and ensures that its texture is improved. It helps in maintaining a healthy nourished skin with proper supplements. But olive oil should be kept away from kids who suffer eczema as they might contract severe skin problems. Care has to be taken with the amount of olive oil that goes on the baby’s skin. Olive oil rpsent in Dabur baby massage oil ensures that the baby gets all the requirements for a healthy growth.

.similarly, almond oil which is the king of nuts provides immense amount of nourishment and benefits to the skin of the child. It helps in improving the muscle growth and skin growth. Moreover it also helps in improving the baby’s motor reflexes and bodily functions like respiration, digestion and elimination. Massaging a baby with these oils plays an essential role in its healthy growth.

Dabur baby massage oil ensures that the baby gets everything what is rightly needed.

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Goodness of Dabur baby massage oil

A baby’s skin ,bone, muscles are naturally very fragile and utmost care has to be taken in order to protect it and help in the healthy growth of an individual. Dabur oil consists of almond oil and olive oil which provides healthy nourishment for the baby’s growth.

The perks of using almond and olive oil are just too many. Here’s why they are considered to be useful:

1) Olive oil:

Olive oil is now present in most of the cosmetic products just because of its beneficial effects. It’s also considered a very healthy cooking oil and serves numerous benefits. Moreover it is considered to be very safe for the kids as well.

Massaging a baby’s body is very essential especially to improve its motor relexes and also to aid the healthy growth of the baby. A baby’s skin , bones and muscles are very sensitive and massaging them with olive oil helps in a healthy blood circulation in the body.

Also, there is a reminder for those kids who have extremely dry skin. Olive oil is not meant for you if you have a family history of eczema or other such skin diseases. You need to be careful about how much olive oil you use on your baby’s body..

Olive oil also contains oleic acid that helps in improving the skin texture and making it more permeable. It makes the akin of your baby more soft and supple thereby increasing the risk just in case it suffers eczema. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Olive oil helps in reducing diaper rashes that are a common problem among babies.  Also, some babies have a problem of head lice. Olive oil helps in the removal of head lice in a more effective manner.

Thus, dabur oil whcih also contains olive oil can be said to be one of the most essential product for babies.

2) Almond oil

The selection of a proper oil for the sensitive skin of the baby plays an important role in its growth. Almond oil has some of the best benefits in improving the texture and the smoothness of the baby’s skin. It makes the baby’s muscles, bones and skin string enough as it grows. It helps in respiration, digestion, elimination and also circulation. It also helps in relieving gas and constipation problems too.almond oil when used on the baby’s hair helps in the healthy hair growth too. It is naturally rich in emollients an dhelos in the healthy growth of the baby’s body. Almond is the king of nuts and it is also one of the most important oils that aid the baby’s growth.

All these benefits present in Dabur baby massage oil help in the healthy growth of your baby.

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Moving over the edge

We are slaves of our temptations. We fall a prey to distractions that throw us over the edge; the edge of practicality that is a foremost obligation to fulfill an undertaking.
The need to take a sharp detour may feel at times alluring , and we miss the goal that we need to pursue. A silent craving at the back of our minds . an appetite to do what our heart desires.
Remember, the heart and the mind work consensually, but maybe not be with the same impulse.
It’s this impulse that matters. The rationale that we shouldn’t ever forego. We need to dig deeper into our souls and see what moves us over the edge of horizons ; is it the yearning to achieve or a tantalising piece of nuisance we need to give up.
Either way, life goes on. It’s the edge we need to take care of. The edge that could make or break us.

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