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There are a lot of things that Rewardme teaches us. From health,skin care to family bonding and children. It’s got lot of advice and inspirational ideas that we can venture into in our day to day lives.

Here’s some of my expertise on ‘skin care’ that I’d like to share:

In several of the metro cities of the country, the most common issue that we tend to face is our facial akin deteriorating and aging all due to our neglectful disposition. We need to take proper care and avoid things that could harm the texture of our delicate skins. Women and men both need to prioritize skin care in order to maintain hygiene.

Here’s how you can do it:

1)  vitamin C

One of the most effective and natural ways of maintaining a healthy skin texture is by consuming plenty of fruits that mainly contain citrus. This helps in firming the skin and tightening it. It improves the antioxidant power on the skin which helps the skin look young and healthy. Further it also prevents any kind of inflammation on the skin due to acne and helps reduce dullness. Citrus fruits aim the collagen synthesis too which helps in the improvement of skin texture

2)  Green tea

This is one of the easily available and highly effective natural way to clear acne and improve the texture of your skin. It’s beneficial effects have gathered accliams across the world. People everywhere consume green tea due to its amazing properties that help fight several diseases including cancer. It contains a lot of antioxidant chemicals that are very helpful in preventing the skin damage due to UV rays. It contains flavanoids that help in the same. It also helps like any other cities fruits as it effectively reduces inflammation due to severe acne.

3) oats:

Most of us consider oatmeal as a bland food, but we barely know how much oats can help us improve the texture of our skin. It is a natural acne healer as it helps in reducing any infection on the skin. If also helps in reducing the infection caused by poison ivy, eczr and even insect bites. It also helps in replenishing the lost glow of the skin and reduces any dullness. Oatmeal is consumed across the world and is said to be one of the best remedies for skin acne and other skin infections.

These are some of the natural ways to fight acne and maintain a healthier, glowing skin.

Tips on haircare by #RewardMe

#Rewardme offers several exclusive tips on healthcare, skincare, haircare, family life and even fashion. It has served to be one of the most visited sites when it comes to seeking information, ideas in our everyday mundane lifestyles.

A woman is always concerned about her hair more than anything else. The way she styles it defines her personality and it often turns out to throw a lasting impression on the people she meets. RewardMe gives quick tips on how to prevent one’s hair from being damaged and also fix the damage with expert advice. There are several ways one needs to consider protecting the hair and nourishing it. Rewardme offers genuine and sincere advice in some of our cranky hair issues.

Here’s how Rewardme teaches us to deal with all of them:

We often expose our hair to lots of damage and heat. This should be prevented and also controlled strictly.

1)  due to the exposure to heat or extreme weather conditions,our hair gets tangled with dirt and loads of gunk. We cannot really ignore all this. We need to use clarifying shampoos to ward off the gunk and also curb the excess usage of shampoos to preven the hair getting too dry and frizzy.

2) flaunt your natural hair with no hearing equipments and styling agents. Instead , Rewardme teaches us that giving our hair a much-needed break is all it takes to build healthy hair. If at all one really needs wavy locks, then keeping a braud overnight can do the trick. And blimey! You have beautiful locks overnight.

3) a deep conditioning treatment will make your hair healthier and more stronger. Rewardme suggests the usage of Pantene damage detox weekly rehab as the best solution for weak hair. It not only helps strengthen your hair strands but also keeps it nourished.

4) A wide tooth comb is the best way to maintain the volume of your hair. Often our hair is damaged by using rat tail combs and other such closely toothed combs. That’s why we need to choose the kind of combs that go easy on our hair and help develop stronger ,thicker and luscious locks with no breakage.

Rewardme has taught me how to control the unnecessary breakage of hair due to extreme weather conditions and polluted environments. It sure does provide exclusive information that helps one to improve boring lifestyles with quirky and intelligent tips related to haircare. Rewardme does provide easy , quick solutions and promising results.

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Fashion tips from #RewardMe

The blogs of provide amazing information that we could consider to make our mundane lifestyles intriguing. Often we tend to get so absorbed in a busy lifestyles, that our tastes for fashion turns insipid. Blogs of Rewardme teach us the perfect ways to chill and feel comfy in outfits when we all thought that formals were the new comforts.

Women especially have different body structures and we need to wear clothes that suit our body shape rather than stick to soemthing that’s mainstream and which looks downright outlandish on us. Women preferably wear outfits just to fit into the crowds rather than something that goes with their personality.

Different body types meaning different styles of outfits.Here’s how #Rewardme teaches me to do it:

1) Women with a rectangular body shape tend to have the same uniformity at the bust and hips. The best way to flaunt your rectangular frame is to choose clothes that are contrasting. Rectangular frames often look good in skinny jeans and are advised to wear tops that are lighter and bottoms that are solid dark colours. Even printed tops with dark bottoms or the vice versa will do okay. They need to absorbed avoid clothes that are baggy and which don’t define their waistline. Belted waists are often appreciated for a rectangular frame.

2) The second body shape that we need to be concerned about is the pear shape. They are the ones who have a comparatively smaller busts and are rounder around the waists. They need to wear clothes that takes one’s attention off the bulgy waist line by adding a decent volume to the upper part of the body. Bright tops and tailored jackets will do great . Also, the blouses that come with shoulder pads fit in perfectly in their wardrobe. They need to avoid wearing clothes that are too skinny and fitted especially tapered jeans and pencil skirts.

3) The third shape is that of an hourglass. They are advised to wear form-fitting clothes that totally cling on to their bodies. A curvy body can be emphasized only with the right choice of clothes. Skinny clothes are the best fit. A wide belt will do the trick . Also, similar prints on the top and bottom will improve your ethereal looks.

4) Inverted triangle clearly indicates that the bust is larger than your hips. This form of body shape has a very poorly defined waist line. Tailored clothes and king cardigans or jackets are the best for these. They should absolutely avoid shirts that are billowy which makes them look overweight and shapeless.

Well rewardme has given me  perfect advice on what I need to avoid and what I need to cling onto. I think I can totally flaunt my rectangular shaped body by skinny solid colour bottoms and lighter topwear. #Rewardme does serve to be my best ally!

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Celebrating father’s day

I saw them everyday when I walked down the street. The man held a little girl in his arms and sang songs to her. I wondered why she never walked. The tiny figure that she was, I believed that she staggered on her tiny limbs and so had to be held by her father.

Days passed. The girl had grown by a year. She didn’t look tiny anymore. Her father still held in her arms. I shook my head with disbelief at her father’s lack of desire to teach his child to walk.

It was one day I saw her alone on the front yard dragging herself on the was then it striked me that she was crippled. Her father immediately came out of the house and picked her up and took her inside , admonishing her  not to leave the house.

I was taken aback at what I had misjudged. Her father had tried his best in making her feel as one among us. He sang songs to her so that she didn’t frown, considering her inability to walk. I was glad that she had got a good father who never undermined her. This is a very important need in a child’s life. A father to understand our weaknesses and be there with us when we are in need.

Ezra Taft Benson said, “Mothers play an important role as the heart of the home, but this in no way lessens the equally important role fathers’ play, as head of the home, they nurture, train, and love their children.”

Therefore a father is the one who nurtures and trains and also corrects his child’s wrongdoings.

There are so many things that fathers do to their children. Today on Father’s day we need to be grateful to them for everything that they have done for us. It’s because of them that we stand tall today and can dream of becoming somebody great tomorrow.

The times we threw petty tantrums, the times we cried and were all over the place. We need to reminisce every single of those moments. Do you remember the times he bought you that little bike when you were a five year old? Do you remember the time when he was awake until late when you had exams and then he came by with a cup of coffee for you, that you will be able to stay up late and complete your unfinished work.? Or the time when he walked you to your school as a little child, asking you every thing that happens at school. He was curious about everything. About you. That’s because he loves you .

When we look back, we realise that there are just so many things that we had to be grateful for and so many yet when we failed to thank him . Today on Father’s day we need to thank him and express our gratitude with a hug.

So, #HugYourDad today!

Vick’s in association with father’s day brings us a timely reminder of why we need to thank our fathers and hug them today.

 “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the#HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” 

#HugYourDad today!

A father is the one who held your fingers and taught you how to walk. The one person you turn onto when you have nobody else who would support you. Whether it is your in your childhood, teens or as you grow older, a father always stands by you and helps your grow.

Today on Father’s day we look back to the times our fathers have stood there beside us all throughout and how much our life would have been impossible when they are not by our sides.

Do you remember….

1) As a child when you staggered on your feet and were unable to walk. Your father held you by your fingers and walked you. You then learnt to be independent because he taught you to be.

2) When you watched your neighborhood friends peddling a bicycle and you were a cranky five year old. You father bought a little bike for you and you happily peddled along with your friends.  You only looked back when you were turning around the corner to see your father checking you if you were okay and you flashed a smile that expressed your gratitude.

3) when you were in your teens and you wanted money to go on a excursion with your friends. You looked up to your father and that’s when he let you go and you were delighted and equally grateful.

4) when you were no more a teenager and your birthday was approaching, and you were excited about what gifts you would receive. Your father never forgot to gift you and even if he didn’t, you were sure that there was no gift superior to your father

5) when you were overworked and struggling to balance your personal and professional lives, when you were sitting up late to complete a pile of work that was stacked up on your desk, you felt that you couldn’t meet the deadlines, that’s when he came up to you with a bug of coffee just to check that you’re okay. Now, when you think of that, you can’t help but smile with gratitude.

Life is not just beer and skittles. You’ve got ups and downs. But we are glad we’ve had our fathers to be by our sides.  Today on Father’s day, we need to silently thank god for giving us a gift in the form of our father. The best gift that we can give him is a hug!

Vicks in association with Blogadda makes us reminisce every one of those incidents we had to show our gratitude!

 “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the#HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Go #SmellyToSmiley with Ambi Pur Air Effects

Every now and then we like to have people come over or throw a little party especially like a get-together to get ourselves unwinding on the weekend. You set all things right. Mop the floor, clean the furniture and remove every bit of grime. You have made sure that your house is spick and span. But there is something else that is troubling you. A funny morbid smell has invaded your nostrils and you know that it’s already too late. You run towards the kitchen and find your spouse stopped over a chunk of fish and the odour has engulfed you both. You don’t have anything to do now, except sit down on your knees , your face in your palms.

One of the common problems faced in Indian households is the stench of fish, meat , smelly laundry and with no proper room freshener that could remove all of these.

Throwing a party at home requires you to consider the following on a serious note:

1) Keep your kitchen clean

Whether you are preparing fish or meat, garlic or tadka, you need to be precarious about how you keep off the stench. Most of the Indian men and women claim that stench in a home emanates from the kitchen where you have all your food supplies. Garlic and tadka are the major contributors of a reeking home.

When you have your guests seated at the dinner table, you nees to make sure that they are not turned off by the very stench of food. That’s when Ambi pur comes to the rescue. Spray Ambi pur Air effects in your room and wait for the magic to happen.

2)  No grime

The food that gets spilled on the floor rugs can also add to the stench. Your spilled over coffee , cold drinks and fresh juices need to be wiped clean inorder to avoid the nasty smells. If the stench prevails, Ambi pur Aur effects comes to the rescue.

3) Soiled clothes

In summers you’re a sweaty mess and just as much as you need to go take a bath, your clothes too need to be washed sooner. If you have thrown soiled clothes and smelly socks hither and thither ,then of course , you can’t say no to the stench as well.  So, the next summer, don’t forget to bring home Ambipur Air effects!

Now, that we have learnt that in summer, monsoons or winter, the stench from food,clothes or grime is absolutely unavoidable, we don’t need to think twice before bringing home Ambi Pur Air effects to not just cover the odours but completely remove them!

Go #SmellyToSmiley with Ambi Pur.

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Transforming homes from #SmellyToSmiley

Ever wondered what it takes to expunge the most dreaded foul smells lurking in the corners of your homes? The nauseating odour emanating from garlic based dishes, used socks and a bizarre suffocating stench somehow clinging to the walls of your home are commonly not avertable . No matter how many moth balls you drop into the nooks and crevices of your homes, there is always an unmistakable and discernible whiff of something funny creeping into your nostrils surreptitiously.
A recent study conducted by a third party agency for AmbiPur in Mumbai, Delhi and chennai suggested that women and men have different points of view when it comes to the fundamental reasons why most of our homes reek.
The women claimed that cooking tadka and garlic in the kitchen are the primary explanations for the stench. The other reasons include, fish , garbage and also the dirty laundry. Into the bargain, the intentions to call guests home also were dwindling.
Whereas , the men said that even though tadka and garlic add to an irremovable cause of odour, smelly socks and sweaty clothes could also be not ignored. Also, Indian husbands liked to meet their friends outside homes just so that the odour doesn’t cause a massive turn off for the visiting guests.

With AmbiPur , you are sure to battle each one of those morbid odours , by simply spraying some magic.

How does bad stench affect our  day-to-day lives and where does it all come from ?

1) Fungus and dampness 


In the name of sanctity, when you put your best foot forward and step into your homes after a long tiring day, there is a bizarre stench of dampness and fungus in the monsoons,  that grabs the bridge of your nose and makes a head dive into your poor nostrils. Then in a haste, you pluck a claw from the clothes drying line and do the most needful. Well, I’m just kidding but you got it anyway.

2) Smelly socks and laundry

You have a romantic date with your girlfriend at your place. But you have sadly forgotten to push those smelly socks beneath the floor rugs, and a funny smell surrounds the dinner table. Your girl friend can’t help but ask if you have murdered someone and stashed them in the closet.

3) Garlic


Guests have finally come home for the summer vacation and there are loads of palatable dishes cooking in your kitchen. But, there is somebody snickering and you aren’t cool enough to figure it out. But your guests have and are already engaging in a heated repartee about why the necessity of cooking without garlic serves to be a plus. But, aye, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have your evening with all cakes and ale!

4)Fish(y) ordeal 

You’ve bought home a few sardines and delightedly await a scrumptious luncheon or dinner. But the only problem you have is of the mysterious stench that has spread around the house and before your spouse comes home, you have to ward the fishy odour out of your windows . Now, that’s one fishy ordeal you need to be prepared for.

Now, that we have dealt with the reasons why we need to put off the stench , it’s about time we explain to ourselves how we could triumph over the smelly tumult and make way for fragrant homes.

1) Bring Ambipur home!

Yes, it’s not a bird, not a plane. It’s ambipur! The one stop for all the cravings of your wildly reeking homes.


Compared to the previous base aerosols of Ambi Pur,  Ambi Pur Air Effects is surely not going to let your down.It is sure to not only cover your house odours but also completely removes them. The amazing fragrance that is promised transforms your homes from #SmellyToSmiley

2)  Need I say more?

Now that you’ve already got the hang of what Ambi Pur Air Effects can do to your homes, you don’t have to worry about guests barging into your homes or maybe suffer a blast of stench when you step home.
Ambi Pur Air Effects undeniably serves to be a quick savior in most of the Indian households and turns all and sundry from #SmellyToSmiley whether it’s summer or monsoon!

“I am blogging for#SmellyToSmiley activity in association withAmbi Pur

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