A tree’s song

A tree’s song


I stretch till my arms ache

The golden effulgence

Has brought a warm glow to my tan-skin;

I can no more conceal behind a  dense foliage;

Only the tears I shed have kept me alive;

While my feet grappled and dug deeper

Into a tear-stricken earth.

The birds have finally found a new abode;

And I moan like an abandoned child;

The darkness is starting to blind the horizons

And I sway in silent sync

With the sound of a cricket that is starting to

play a little music in my ears…


An empty seat

An empty seat


Wrapped in sun-kisses,

I bask by the sycamore;

The day you stopped by

I’d read it in your blue eyes;

Your skin had longed for me

But you shrugged it off;

The songs I sang once

Have bled in the autumn;

The leaves have swept away-

With the togetherness that we had.

The winds are no longer music

And they don’t weep with me anymore;

I still bask under the sycamore

Beside an empty seat-

Bearing an empty-ness within.

Your love

Your love


The twinkle in your eyes

Has shone bright like

The early sunrises

And left me bathed clean.

My skin has experienced Spring

With the caress of your touch.

Your breath has bloomed

Hyacinths in my heart.

The birth of a new day has

Whispered reminiscences

Of your love.




The evening has ripened

With the kiss of an adolescent night.

And I sail away

inhaling a breath

That whispers coral dreams

Into my soul.

The snares of the dusk

Shall smother all loneliness

when the October breeze

Spells syllables of serenity

Into the ripples of the river;

And my fascination

Fails to cease-