An ode to the skies


You paint your curtains
In crimson splinters of the sun;
Streaks of greying blinds
Creep across your torso
In desolate glory.

Your canvas stretches wide
and clear,
Paying little attention to the artist
That breathes untamed colours
From his palette
Into your lungs.

You play vividly with tiny
Insignificant creatures that
Swoop in skilled patterns
Amidst your passages
That reek (now) of obnoxious gases.

You whisper your identity intimately
Into the mediocre waves of the oceans;
That reflect your inscrutable
Splendour in every drop
That lies awake in its belly.

The ladder to the golden gates of heaven dwell
In the eternity of your realm;
The rungs of which  I shall
Climb with every ounce of energy that I may muster.

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Dressed in a gingham skirt and pale blouse,
The six year old set out from her house;
Unfathomable mirth escaped her lips;
her tiny stature , she thought to be insignificant
In the crammed streets outside.

Little did she know that
the wild foxes spat venom
And reeked of an insatiable appetite;
They smothered her innocence
And splurged an un-erasable filth
On her little vulnerable body.

They plucked her childhood
Like the morning flowers :
leaving the garden dull and bereft.

She stood at the bus stop
Heaving scholarly books on her hands
Her mind spinning with busy schedules
And daft unanswered questions

Little did she know that the air purchased contempt
And the growling dogs drooled grime
And pawed her with an unkindly demeanour

They trampled her teenage
Like a dying rose lying forlorn on the ground…

She made her way home
After another exhausting day at work
Her child’s voice whispering in her ears
And the woes of her family abiding in her head

Little did she know that the
Sky reflected the last breath of dusk
And the predators crept out of their hideouts.

They threatened her womanhood
Like the dark skies which obscure all light
On a somber moonless night.

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The clock.


The ancient clock ticked in a sneering demeanour. Sweat trickled down his forehead in a haste. He could hear his heart beat atrociously against his ribs.He was afraid that it may cease owing to the silence promised that night.
He was lying on his four poster bed attempting to sleep, draped in a thick blanket. Somewhere far away an owl hooted bluntly.
He stretched himself towards the light switch.

Click. No power.

Falteringly, he clambered out of his bed, the floorboards beneath his feet shrieking willfully.


He dragged himself towards the arched window.
Empty Darkness.
He tightened his night robes around him and gulped in some air. His mouth tasted bitter due to the dryness. The coldness of the floor penetrated through his bare soles as though seeking vengeance.


With an immediate reflex he squinted towards the clock.
It was gone.

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Woman with the stars.


The cold serenity pinched her taut skin and brought a crimson glow on her face.Her eyes twinkled with outlandish ecstasy on this starry night. Humming an obscure tune, she poised rather daintily on the porch. The paroxysm of the time was known but by her. The distinct howl of a savage dog ridiculed the crispness in the air. The night smelled of wet grass and the Jasmine scent that she wore.

She clutched a small ivory box close to her chest with her eyelids shut like a sated predator. The raindrops dripped in a rhythmic pattern on the cobblestoned pavement .

She essayed to open the box , her lips tilted into an uncanny smile. The ivory box snapped open and there lay several glittery diamond-like tangible lights. Like glowworms. Except that they weren’t.

With a swift motion of her hands towards the sky and an inhalation so sharp and frenzied, she locked the box vehemently.

The moonlight became lonelier as she faded gently with the stars.

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The mishap


Closer , yet closer
Dwindling proximity;

Shuffling feet timed
With rhythmic
Palpitation of hearts;

Savage gasps
Drowned in a wild trance;

Influx of adrenaline
Inscrutable paroxysm:

Sewn fractions of flesh ;
Tastes of camaraderie
Gone wrong?

Hearts fluttering in
Gingerly dalliance;

Happy mishap.

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The gleeful music

Arising from

The bobbing ripples:

Like pearls on

Crystal ;

Lingers desperately

In the laughter

Of the river that

Closes in.

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