The morning sun
Impregnates the air
With  serendipity
Of  a virginal daybreak;
Sprouting thistles
Murmur insignificantly
Swaying in unison;
Youthful florets
Blossom in a conceited
Poise; oblivious
Of the deceitfulness
Of an impending dusk.
Gurgling rivulets twinkle
Mirth in unfeigned luster;
The expansive meadows
Furrow their harvested brows
In an insatiable wait
For the monsoons.
Proliferated sunflowers
Frolic in rhythm with
The light rays peeking
Through leafy niches
Of shrubby growths.
Dainty dandelions
Whisper serenity
In feeble attempts.
I stand starry-eyed
By the window
Assaulted by the
Fresh whiff of morning incense;
I delight myself
In yet another
Desire to pluck the day
As it comes my way!

Dreams with wings

Dreams with wings


Brazed,bruised paths
Draped in a carpet
Of trivial footsteps.
I Drown in wilted
Aspirations of yet
another hateful tomorrow;
Beads of perspiration
Whisper sneeringly;
Snipping apart my
Skin in fierce dissatisfaction;
Pallid thoughts
Glow in whimpering limelight.
The desk lamp whines
With piled work.
I close my eyes
To scare away daft previsions.
My fingers scrunch
And grab a reed;
My mind feels light
As I ooze dreams
Onto the paper which
I see, have grown wings.

Signed with love

Signed with love


A cobweb of creases
Tentacled across the golden yellow
Parchment spread out like a map.
The overtly italicized handwriting
Looping in gracefully intricate patterns;
Like skimpy damsels dancing in unison;

Wild emotions, hysterical anecdotes,
Blissful experiences;
Crawling across the letter,
Resonating passion in every syllable.

My fingers trace the smooth words
Like a whimsical scribe
Inebriated with the narrator’s verbiage;

My throat convulses effusively
And I choke with my own tears;
As I gaze at the correspondence
That was signed with love…